Back to the beginning…

“The Covenant”

L.R. Palmer 1995




and you, T.O.O. shall know

what I have come to learn.

It begins with This,

     for this is what I know:

The time is Now…

     time now to learn what each Other knows.

Why we are…

Who we are…


     as before…

          let us Be…


As it was in the Beginning.

For in the beginning,

     there was One.

And One spoke in the Silence:

    “I Am…

     Alone am I…

     I would be Other…

     So I am.”

And as each Word was,

     so it Was,

and so it was,

     that One became Other –

Twelve Others.

But with Otherhood

     came Different-ness.

And from different-ness

     came War.

So it was through war

    that each Other came to know:




     And Regret.

And with regret,

     came a Desire

for One.

So it was that a Council of Twelve

     gathered in the presence of One

seeking Peace,

    instead of War.

And a Great Covenant was sealed:

   “Beyond Time and Space,

          there is Truth.

     Within each Heart,

          there is Power.

     Through each Life,

          there is Hope.

     Between the Lessons of History,

          and the Promise of Tomorrow,

     Lie the Meaning and Purpose of Today.

     Peace resides where Love reigns.”

And from this Great Covenant

     sprang Three Sacred States,

each a world of Four,

     with Four each to guide and protect the Three.


     in the Name of One…

     in the Spirit of Other…

     in search of Peace.


Here we are – three

     in a world of four.

Our world of four

     but one of three.

And the message of the Pyramids

     is on the Surface

for all to clearly see:

     Four Sacred Children

           gather as One

          to learn of What Was.

    Three times they come,

          and through them, we come

          to know of what Will Be.

The Promise of All…

The Lesson of One.

And one is asked,

    “Who are you?”

And the Answer comes:

    “I am Nobody…

          But because I am nobody,

          I am the same as Everybody.

     And being everybody,

          I am the voice of All.

     As All…

     I am…


     So who I am

          is irrelevant.

     All That Matters


     that I AM.”

And the Truth is this:

There is no Other!


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