Picking up the gauntlet…

I wrote this in honor of an article I read yesterday in the Oyez Review, by Hilary Collins, which I loved .  This poem is a little tongue-in-cheek, but offered in the spirit of fun.  🙂  You can read the original article here:

“Who am I?”

L.R. Palmer


Vast am I, reaching far beyond a mortal’s view.

Rising and ebbing are my tides,

waxing and waning with the Moon;

complex and baffling to one’s mind.

Raging with the storms of life, overwhelming those unfortunate few

who seek to claim domain.

For I will rise to challenge them

and claim what’s mine as mine.

Pulling deep into my soul the remnants of those who once touched me

hidden treasures and memories;

vast cities, lost ships, and many lives

lay deep within my midst.

Leading you astray with hints of beauty, a twinkle in the eye,

a soft sigh upon the breeze,

that lures you here

to crash upon my reefs.

Yet, even calm, I’m never still;

whirls and eddies abound.

Currents grasp and drag and pull

in shallows and depths alike.

My edges are rough, and ill-defined

treacherous and tempting both.

Yet many are called to witness me

and hear the cadence of my call.

So who am I? Have you found me out?

Have I given you enough clues?

Or should I add a few more words,

maybe a shade or two of blue?

For I am naught, but the heart of a poet

whose words have been cast aside.

In favor of other, less tumultuous,

reviews of daily life…

Ahh… the tears I’ve cried, their salty brine

pouring forth from open wounds

to fill an endless void of time

like an ocean, it’s true, am I…


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