“Broken Glass, Shattered Dreams”

Writing my “About” page brought up a lot of old memories, including this one which I thought I’d share…

“Broken Glass, Shattered Dreams”

Lisa R. Palmer


I had a dream the other night, it seems so long ago.

Alone I faced that nightmare we call “the dark night of the soul.”

When everything that you believe, slips away too easily,

and all your deep and darkest fears become reality.

As I wandered through that darkness, a chill swept over me.

The fear grabbed hold.

It wouldn’t let go.

And my world slipped out from under me…

I was falling…

When I hit bottom, much to my surprise

I found myself surrounded by a thousand other “I’s.”

An endless hall of mirrors, all reflecting me

in different scenes;

in different dreams;

a hall of memories.

Then suddenly, beneath my feet, the ground began to shake.

I stood there helplessly, and watched those mirrors start to break.

As each one exploded, shards of glass flew everywhere.

When it was over…

Only Silence filled the air…

Broken glass, shattered dreams

all my life had ever been lay scattered at my feet.

When from somewhere in the darkness, a voice began to say,

“Give it up…

“Let it go…

“Tomorrow’s a new day.”

“And we’ll take those broken pieces, stained with blood and tears,

“and we’ll build a stained glass window from your pain and from your fears.

“That will let the light of Love shine through like a mirror never could,

“And all the ‘bad’ you’ve ever known can then be used for ‘good’!”

You see… That broken glass, those shattered dreams

were nothing more than remnants of a past that imprisoned me.

As I stood amid the ruins of the life that I had known,

alone there, in the silence, Truth came clamoring home…

And I knew…

Our lives aren’t ruled by Fate. Or destiny.

Because the gods gave each the right to choose what we would come to be.

It all begins with Us; it ends with you and me.

We can’t be victims, unless we choose to be…

We can’t be victims, unless we choose to be!

Broken glass, shattered dreams…

The illusions of the past were gone, and I could finally see

that the Wise Ones up above, in their wisdom and their love

had given me the greatest gift that night they showed to me:

The beauty found in tragedy. The wisdom learned through pain.

The knowledge that even dreams aren’t always what they seem.

You see, the Truth is often hidden somewhere amid the lies,

and even broken glass and shattered dreams can be a blessing in disguise!

Broken glass, shattered dreams…

The past had lost its hold on me, and I was finally free.

I’m free!

I’m finally free!

And it was broken glass and shattered dreams that paved the way for me…

I thank God for broken glass and shattered dreams!

I thank God I’m free!


2 thoughts on ““Broken Glass, Shattered Dreams”

    • I love your comments, so please continue to respond as impulse directs you. As for the compliment, I thank you! It warms my heart to know someone enjoys reading words I have labored in love to arrange “just so.” 😀


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