Priorities in perspective…

I look around me today, and for the last several days, I guess, and I am overwhelmed by what I see.  Everywhere I look I see divisions, separations, causes, issues, problems, but there is little in all that I see which promises solutions. Our selves abound, our egos scurry about making our presences known, while our Self is forgotten, or is simply unacknowledged amongst the chaos that drives us.  I see my self, and all that I am going through, and I have lost sight of our Self myself; I reflect what I am seeing everywhere…

I am saddened by what I see in myself.  I am saddened by what I see in others.  I am especially saddened that I see my self and others so clearly today, for it reinforces for me the loss of Unity; self-consciousness is seriously over-riding Divine consciousness.  But change is coming.  Change must come.  So perhaps what I am seeing is mere illusion, or, more likely, delusion, particularly self-delusion…

Perhaps I am overreacting.  Perhaps it is not as it seems to me.  Perhaps I am misguided here, unfocused, confused…  Well, I am certainly confused; of that I am certain!

I read, a lot, but what I have been reading has not been as encouraging as what I had been reading.  Today I read opinions that are divisive, designed to turn us one against another.  People argue over priorities.  What is more important today, really?  The plight of animals, endangered or otherwise?  The scandals involving individuals, corporations, or organizations?  The U.S. political scene?  The global political scene, about which we Americans hear very little? The talk of war, or peace talks somewhere around the globe?  Climate change?  Children starving in foreign nations?  The lack of support and care for American veterans?  Aliens, UFO’s, and conspiracy theories?  Scientific discoveries?  All of these have tried to claim center stage recently, and all of them seem important, but how much can any one person do?  And this is just what comes to mind at first glance; were I to put any thought into it, the list would grow significantly – all recent, all important, all critical, all now, all different!

Within the boundaries of my own life I see the same divisiveness and distraction.  I have a long list of things I haven’t gotten to yet, people I haven’t been able to get together with, places I haven’t visited yet, and all of them from just this summer.  And it is already August!  When, exactly, am I supposed to find the time to do these things?!

Something must change.  Chaos rules, and my soul seeks order.  I do not choose to judge “good” or “bad”, though certainly I have biases and inclinations; I only wish to sort, classify, prioritize.  The question is how?

Ahh…  And there resides the problem, I guess.  For is it not the role of ego to separate us from the Allness of which we are a part?  Is it not the purpose of self (small self) to sort, classify and order experience into more manageable bits?  Is it not time itself that organizes our experience into something linear, recognizable and easier to follow?  No wonder there is never enough time today; there is simply too much to contain today!

***     ***     ***

I had a vision this morning during my meditation.  It seemed important at the time…

In this vision I saw a Bat flying toward me.  “Hmm,” I wondered, “what is the significance of Bat?”

As it approached me, the Bat turned away, and as it did so, it became an Eagle, proud and magnificent.  “Interesting,” I thought, “a Bat transforms into an Eagle.”

I watched the Eagle soaring in a clear blue sky, spiraling slowly, almost lazily, but not gaining any real height or distance.  “Waiting,” it occurred to me, “for something, I guess.  Or maybe it is hunting…”

Then the Eagle circled around once more, becoming a Crow as it passed in front of me, and flying off into the distance beyond my sight.  “Hmm…,” I pondered, “why would an Eagle become a Crow?”

But before I could even begin to guess, the Crow returned, circling slowly once, as the Eagle had done.  And when its flight path brought it toward me once more, the Crow became a Bat again…

A Bat becomes an Eagle, becomes a Crow, becomes a Bat once more…  Change is coming, dear ones, this much I know.  But in that instant I knew something more, as well…

My self cannot grasp the complexities of what is occurring right now, but my Self can.  My Self is All at once, and so is not overwhelmed by what I see.  Only my ego is in danger of being overwhelmed, and perhaps that is the point after all.  Perhaps I need to shed my self, and so gain the higher perspective of my Self.  Perhaps that is how I must grow…


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