Priorities in perspective…

I look around me today, and for the last several days, I guess, and I am overwhelmed by what I see.  Everywhere I look I see divisions, separations, causes, issues, problems, but there is little in all that I see which promises solutions. Our selves abound, our egos scurry about making our presences known, while our Self is forgotten, or is simply unacknowledged amongst the chaos that drives us.  I see my self, and all that I am going through, and I have lost sight of our Self myself; I reflect what I am seeing everywhere…

I am saddened by what I see in myself.  I am saddened by what I see in others.  I am especially saddened that I see my self and others so clearly today, for it reinforces for me the loss of Unity; self-consciousness is seriously over-riding Divine consciousness.  But change is coming.  Change must come.  So perhaps what I am seeing is mere illusion, or, more likely, delusion, particularly self-delusion…

Perhaps I am overreacting.  Perhaps it is not as it seems to me.  Perhaps I am misguided here, unfocused, confused…  Well, I am certainly confused; of that I am certain!

I read, a lot, but what I have been reading has not been as encouraging as what I had been reading.  Today I read opinions that are divisive, designed to turn us one against another.  People argue over priorities.  What is more important today, really?  The plight of animals, endangered or otherwise?  The scandals involving individuals, corporations, or organizations?  The U.S. political scene?  The global political scene, about which we Americans hear very little? The talk of war, or peace talks somewhere around the globe?  Climate change?  Children starving in foreign nations?  The lack of support and care for American veterans?  Aliens, UFO’s, and conspiracy theories?  Scientific discoveries?  All of these have tried to claim center stage recently, and all of them seem important, but how much can any one person do?  And this is just what comes to mind at first glance; were I to put any thought into it, the list would grow significantly – all recent, all important, all critical, all now, all different!

Within the boundaries of my own life I see the same divisiveness and distraction.  I have a long list of things I haven’t gotten to yet, people I haven’t been able to get together with, places I haven’t visited yet, and all of them from just this summer.  And it is already August!  When, exactly, am I supposed to find the time to do these things?!

Something must change.  Chaos rules, and my soul seeks order.  I do not choose to judge “good” or “bad”, though certainly I have biases and inclinations; I only wish to sort, classify, prioritize.  The question is how?

Ahh…  And there resides the problem, I guess.  For is it not the role of ego to separate us from the Allness of which we are a part?  Is it not the purpose of self (small self) to sort, classify and order experience into more manageable bits?  Is it not time itself that organizes our experience into something linear, recognizable and easier to follow?  No wonder there is never enough time today; there is simply too much to contain today!

***     ***     ***

I had a vision this morning during my meditation.  It seemed important at the time…

In this vision I saw a Bat flying toward me.  “Hmm,” I wondered, “what is the significance of Bat?”

As it approached me, the Bat turned away, and as it did so, it became an Eagle, proud and magnificent.  “Interesting,” I thought, “a Bat transforms into an Eagle.”

I watched the Eagle soaring in a clear blue sky, spiraling slowly, almost lazily, but not gaining any real height or distance.  “Waiting,” it occurred to me, “for something, I guess.  Or maybe it is hunting…”

Then the Eagle circled around once more, becoming a Crow as it passed in front of me, and flying off into the distance beyond my sight.  “Hmm…,” I pondered, “why would an Eagle become a Crow?”

But before I could even begin to guess, the Crow returned, circling slowly once, as the Eagle had done.  And when its flight path brought it toward me once more, the Crow became a Bat again…

A Bat becomes an Eagle, becomes a Crow, becomes a Bat once more…  Change is coming, dear ones, this much I know.  But in that instant I knew something more, as well…

My self cannot grasp the complexities of what is occurring right now, but my Self can.  My Self is All at once, and so is not overwhelmed by what I see.  Only my ego is in danger of being overwhelmed, and perhaps that is the point after all.  Perhaps I need to shed my self, and so gain the higher perspective of my Self.  Perhaps that is how I must grow…


29 thoughts on “Priorities in perspective…

  1. rawgod says:

    Ah, here is something, Lisa, I can sink my pen into. The EGO, that which we use to control our life on Earth, and if we allow it, that which will try to control our life after our death. The Buddha said to reach nirvana, we must rid ourselves of our ego, a highly spiritual thought. But what if there is no nirvana, no heaven, hell, or other place of reward or punishment. What if there is only life?
    What if there is only The One Life?
    Then what good is ridding ourselves of our egos?
    In my opinion, our egos are useful as long as we live in this physical reality that the Buddha called “samsara,” the world this side of the veil of death. Our egos know how to wend their ways through the backlanes and mud paths of life. Use it. But make it clear, when the veil of death opens, the ego stays with the dead body. Only the spirit, or life-force goes forward, only the Life-Force. All else remains behind, especially the name the ego knows itself by.
    This is the pact I made with my ego many years ago, I depend on it to get me to the end of this incarnation. At that time I will say Thank You for being a great friend. And we will part on good terms. Because there is no nirvana. There is only The One Life.

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    • Not addressed to me but I have to comment on the ego comment. I’ve never before read anyone nail the concept of ego so accurately. Of course we need the ego in this reality! Imagine some so-called guru going around convincing people they should not drive cars because cars can be misused and a lot of people cause accidents with them. So get rid of all your cars and live happily, something like that. Ego provides the necessary link between the mind and the brain/body. If only people would use their intelligence when using words, and learn to define their meaning. Ego has been wrongly used to describe hubris in order to mislead and dis-empower individuals.

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      • rawgod says:

        Thank you, S’T, and no need to mention my name if occasion ever arises for you to write about ego in this way. The knowledge is inside us all, use it as you will.

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      • “If only people would…learn to define their meaning [words]”… Yes!! How much clearer would our communication be then? But I suspect many do not fully comprehend the words they choose to use. And then there is the connotative element, which often carries more weight than even the most obvious denotative meaning. I believe “ego” is one of those words, with such a connotative weight that it will bring up feelings of hubris or pride in almost any context, even within the most intelligent and careful communicators. Hence the need to clarify and define terms within context, almost each and every time…


      • You just pointed out an aspect I keep forgetting: I’m an ESL’er. English does not carry the connotations, or very few. It’s mostly “denotative” as you call it. I see the words, and their technical meaning whereas the connotative aspect is likely linked to the mother tongue (as well as expressing experiences). A learned language will be used as a mechanical tool more than conveying instant feelings. My thoughts on the matter.

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      • Interesting insight, and I’d have to agree. I’ve always been fascinated by multi-lingual people, and how language (both which it is, and how they use it) affects their understanding. One of my usual questions for such people is “what language do you think in?” Or dream in?

        One of my dearest friends counts Spanish as her native tongue, though she moved here when she was so young, that English has become “almost” as natural. She hesitates to answer these questions, as her brain (as she explains it) doesn’t seem to distinguish between them; meaning, she’s not really sure what language the internal dialogue is happening in, as understanding is instantaneous. But she will admit there are times, particularly when distressed, that only Spanish can capture the feelings she’s trying to communicate. And she also struggles with “connotation” in English, frequently missing the subtleties such nebulous connections add to the conversation, and getting frustrated when she seems to “miss the point.”


      • I can readily empathize with your Spanish friend. Sixty years since I began using English exclusively in an English speaking world. I still mostly count in French. I internal dialogue in both French and English. As for dreams, because they relate to the here and now, they’re in English. If I moved back to an exclusive French speaking world, that would change automatically. I use both languages to make sense of how written words are being meant.  I get totally lost in that modern pseudo-scientific lingo and texting and much “neo-modern” stories, poetry and songs are pig Latin to me.

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      • Thank you for sharing your experiences here. I have always believed in the power of language to affect how we interpret events, so understanding how multiple languages impact our perspective seems critical to that process. But while I have a gift for grasping patterns, I have never been gifted in learning languages. I actually find that odd and disappointing. I can learn vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, etc., but my brain treats it like a math equation (“I”=”ich” “am”=”bin”, etc…), and that does not allow me to create discourse or converse effectively in any other language but my own… sigh…


      • I know, innately, that within our minds resides the ability to speak all languages, or better put the ability to understand all languages and to speak one “universal” language that anyone can readily understand. It is a curse not to be able to communicate properly, and it is by design.

        I believe that all myth; that everything we hear about or read is based on fact and history. There is a story in the Hebrew collection of writings the West has dubbed “the Bible” called the story of Babel. At Babel mankind speaking one language and of one mind was “building a tower to the heavens”. The “gods” (Elohim) came down to look upon the works of man and seriously disapproved. The people of that time were much more advanced mentally and technologically than we are today – a little bit of our history we are carefully led away from ever discovering – and that crazy “tower to the heavens” wasn’t a tower. It’s a deliberate mistranslation. They were readying themselves for space flight. The so-called gods feared us. We were the crazy mutants they had created once upon a time to serve them as slaves and we had overwhelmed them and sent them packing and found our own idea of freedom from slavery. But now we wanted to join up with those who had abandoned us on this world. We had the concept of space flight in our minds and nothing was hidden from us as we probed each others’ minds to put our plan in effect. We would go after the gods and punish them, then take over.

        The “gods” however did not give man complete freedom when they left, far from it. They had implanted a control mechanism in them that replicated in each newly conceived to newly born Earthian. It is called the soul. Through this the master race can control all of us and ultimately make us do their bidding. It controls our minds. What happened at Babel is simple: they tweaked the implant and blanked out our ability to communicate as one telepathically. We could no longer read one-another’s mind and our rediscovered technology fell to pieces as we “scattered over the face of the earth” no longer able to understand one another.

        Just a tiny synopsis of the real story. Some day when we free ourselves from bondage to the soul implant and discover the extent to which our minds have been enslaved we will be horrified at all the horror we have caused to each other just because we find it so difficult to speak one-another’s language.

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      • Powerful insight here, Sha’Tara. And I must agree. The inability to communicate effectively leads us to terrible places…

        I am still struggling to comprehend this “soul” implant you refer to. But I do think of you, and it, every time the word soul wants to sneak into my discourse. I find myself using it less as I question how well (or how little) I understand it. Please do keep explaining it in the various contexts it arises in, as I find each example a little more illuminating…

        And yes, I would ask more direct questions if I felt I understood well enough to formulate any. Lol!


      • Hi Lisa – I just dropped a couple of “bombshells” on your blog re: earlier comments. I don’t want to be one to try to convince, that’s not my point. I just want to pull the rug from under assumptions or beliefs that are ripping our humanity from us. I feel this keenly and it makes me sick.

        This new explanation (or expose) of the soul implant is intended to demonstrate why we have been repeating our gross social and civilization mistakes with such predictable drive for centuries. If we were truly free to be human (in thinking and reasoning) we would have stopped our warring long ago. We would not exploit the poor and the weak. We would not seek to profit from things that do not belong to us simply because we have the power to do so. We would not enjoy living high off the hog at the expense of others knowing full well that it is so. We would not be shoving our belief systems upon those who have their own and happy enough with them. We certainly would have given up all forms of competition long, long ago. But we do not because with every new-born generation is activated anew the pre-programmed soul implant. The same drive repeats over and over.

        I can see this clearly because I am no longer programmed. I don’t have a soul. I can live a compassionate life based on my own choice, not on adherence to any group or belief system. Removal or neutralization of the soul implant is the only thing that can properly be called freedom. The problem with that is, I know of no one to this point who actually believes this simply because part of the brainwashing of the soul implant is to make the “soul” an essential part of the human being. Even atheists get caught up in this terminology-not surprising since atheism, by its nature is just another form of religion. The day the last soul on earth is neutralized is the day all gods die!

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      • I can certainly agree with your last sentence, and I appreciate your clarification of the “soul” implant. As for the bombshells you dropped, they were insightful, well-written, and significant to the discussion. I approve most heartily, not that you require my approval. Lol!


    • Indeed. Our egos keep us “grounded” in the reality (or incarnation) associated with them. And to let them go at death’s door seems a worthy goal. But for one who identifies with more than one ego at a time, life can become quite confusing. And, as one, who remembers death, I know some vestige of self-identity remains in the “between” space, though it may differ greatly from the little ego bound by time…


      • rawgod says:

        For now I am going to think about your “self-identity in the space between” before I can comment on it, or start a discussion, or whatever. I think it is a topic that needs a lot of terms pre-defined, and would be too easy to talk in parallels that never quite meet. Till then, I wii try to remain silent (or, in other words, I have something I want to say, but I don’t know how to say it yet, lol).

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      • rawgod says:

        Important! Regarding the above comment, I guess I need to ask some questions:
        1) Do you really identify with more than one ego at a time, or when you switch egos do you do that instanstaneously and completely? I guess what I am asking, when you are acting as Prime Personality, then suddenly switch to Personality B, are you still aware of being Prime Personality, or is the switch total, and Prime Personality does not exist anymore?
        2) From what I read, Prime Personality has at least some memory of being Other personalities, but there is no direct connection between them. People with Multiple Personalities can supposedly switch from one personality to another under certain situations or stressors. Can you do this?
        3) When you do make a switch, from say Prime to B, is there any loss of time for Prime when you switch back?
        4) This one is hard for me to comprehend or properly ask (presuming that the answer to question 3 is negative as I believe it must be) but what happens during the lives of personalities B, C, D, Etc while you are living as Prime? Surely their lives do not stop happening? So, obvious question, based on above scenarios being correct:
        4a) Do these sub-personalities have their own egos while YOU are not with them? If Yes, do you then share the ego? Or, if no, what happens to the sub-egos while you are controlling their minds? And how do they feel about it, if they know about it? (Actually, this last question seems to be very similar to part of Question 1, so you may have already answered it. If so, no need to repeat. But is there is a difference you can see, I would love to hear it. Thanks.)

        These are just some of the things I think I need to know before I can get to the part where I want to go. Any understanding you can give me will be helpful.

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      • rawgod says:

        Ah, S’T, if only you knew what you are asking… But since I presume you DO KNOW what you are asking feel free to make the questions general, even though they were intended for Lisa specifically. Our conversations I think are always open to anyone who wants to comment or reply. Who knows where a conversation can turn when information is added from an unexpected source. I mean, isn’t that what I do to you quite often?
        So, as far as I am concerned, you are always welcome to join in. Just tell me, how do you know what I am commenting? You pop up in the most unexpected places…

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      • Ahhh… these are excellent questions, Jerry! And I am more than willing to address them to the best of my understanding. However, rather than see them get buried in the comment section here, I think I will create a new post to cover it. Stay tuned, as it won’t happen today (I’m soon to leave for work and won’t be returning until late tonight.)…


      • rawgod says:

        Sounds good to me. Actually, sounds fantastic. Hope you have (had) a good day at work. And careful not to leave any open circles,, or pentagrams… lol

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      • rawgod says:

        Might sound like an non-believer asking, or a rank amateur, but is there any way to cast a spell that includes closing any circles you might happen to leave open in your future?
        I guess spells don’t act like computer programs, do they,, lol.

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      • Not that I know of, but this is the age of technology, so I wouldn’t rule that out. Besides, I have a special relationship with Time, so maybe some negotiations could take place… ;D


      • Hi Jerry, when I first read you questions, I felt quite excited as that drove right into my own awareness of multiple personalities, only I was taught not to call it that as it is misleading. Semantics? Not at all. The terminology is very important for “us” (myself and the Teachers).

        For us there are no multiple personalities, nor are there several egos. There are partials, those other minds who by permission are allowed (by me) to share mind space with me, as I can share mind space with them. Those who attempt access without my permission are blocked and permanently “spammed” out. It’s a lot like blogging where you follow someone’s blog, they follow yours, but you don’t have to engage everything on their blog, nor do they have to engage everything on yours. If they want, or you want, you can “unfollow” anytime; reconnect later if you want.

        As to ego, there is only one: mine. The understanding of ego differs greatly from mine to “yours” or the Freudian concept. For us the ego is simply the apparatus that translates information from mind to brain. Ego is not personality anymore than senses are feelings. Ego is essentially a tool, a translator, that’s it. To talk about “overcoming” or getting rid of one’s ego, from our point of view is quite ridiculous. That would be like talking about removing a car’s transmission because it’s ability to change speeds, say on a steep uphill climb, or while pulling a heavy load, would seem as if the “transmission” was taking control of the car away from the driver (mind). Without an ego, you essentially have a comatose individual. There is no information passing back and forth between body and mind. Perhaps some day soon “they” will understand this when faced with a person in a coma. Reactivate the ego and you have your patient back on her feet in no time.

        I believe, based on observations, that the misdirection regarding both, ego and emotions is deliberately done to keep people from realizing their full potential as spirit-mind-body beings. Denigrating ego prevents self-empowerment at the physical/brain level. Confusing feelings with emotions and relying on emotions to make decisions is not just dis-empowering because emotions are essentially spent, entropic, energy. There may be heat in an exhaust from an engine but you cannot recycle that into the engine to get extra mileage out of it. Emotions have no rational context; cannot be controlled in order to use them in decision making. They can only be let go of.

        To recycle emotions is more than dis-empowering, it’s deadly. When feelings arise, that should be paid attention to. That is the point: to connect the body to the mind via the ego. The way our systems flush entropic (used up) energy from feelings is through emotions. In mechanical terms, that’s exhaust.

        As Forrest Gump would say, “And that’s all I gotta say about that.”

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      • I love this perspective on things, Sha’Tara. Different from my own but nonetheless rational, real, consistent, and whole. Definitely worth exploring in more depth…

        And now that I’m caught up on comments (I think, I hope), I’m off to answer those questions myself. 😀


      • rawgod says:

        Certainly our emotions allow us to make rash and unreasonable actions, and for a lot of people, anger is an especially good way of allowing them to lose control for a brief period, smash the hell out of someone, and then later apologize with as much contrition as they can muster.
        As a child I watched my father do this time after time. Anger was always his first reaction, and whether it was me or someone else, somebody got beat up. Then he would kind of come to his senses, see what he had done, and apologize profusely, though it was easy to see there was no compassion behind the apology.
        The more I studied his actions the more I came to believe he had taught himself to let anger take over so that he could get his jollies without having to take responsibility for his actions. When I later learned the words, it was like him allowing his id to take over his ego, allowing the animal in him to overcome the man. And he immensely enjoyed being the beast.
        If I am reading you right, I think is the kind of thing you are talking about, but on a more micro level. Am I getting that right?

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