Overcome by the details of my everyday existence…

drowning in the mundane…

buried by the pointlessness…

Guaranteed to drive me insane…

Where is the passion I used to know?

Where is the hope I used to feel?

Where is the purpose which used to drive me?

That wasn’t so long ago…

But this isn’t my life I’m living today

this isn’t me at all.

So, who is it who’s taken control?

Whose will holds me enthralled?

Another version of Me, I suppose.

Though not one I really know.

A lesson in reality perhaps?

A reminder of an Other’s woes?

Time to regain my focus here

and learn to swim again.

Sinking’s not an option anymore

I must my self regain.

And rising from the floods

of this most recent washout

allow my Self to carry me above

overwhelming all that held me down.


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