Blessings…and Love

One of the things I think I like most about this blogging experience is the opportunity to find people I might otherwise never have met. People who inspire me, motivate me, and move me with their words and thoughts and music.  I have been truly blessed in the short time I’ve been doing this, to have been touched by such beautiful souls…

And, while validation of my own words and thoughts is always appreciated (who doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy when a new “like” appears in the notification screen?), this blog isn’t really about that.  It’s more about the opportunity to discover “Others” who brilliantly reflect appropriate self-lessons back to me, so that my journey, as a self, keeps progressing in the direction I seek…

And this is clearly happening for me…

The right people, at the right time, with the right messages, and it is almost miraculous what patterns are created.  I am humbled by those of you whose paths I’ve crossed, and grateful you took the time to share your selves in such a significant way.  Thank you!

I was also blessed these past two days to participate in a direct fashion with the miraculous; the coming together of strangers and friends, united in thought and prayer for the Good of a young boy who was suffering.  And, if I needed “proof” that miracles were possible, I’d need no further evidence than what I just witnessed with my very own eyes.

For I “saw” people of different faiths, different practices, different philosophies, and values and priorities come together, and work together, toward a single, simple goal.  There was no fighting, or preaching, or correcting, or convincing; not a single soul took offense at another’s word choice, or questioned their “true” intent.  They focused on the goal.  And the goal was Love.  Love for a stranger they never met, nor are likely to…

And it gave me hope, and yet another insight into why a soul might choose to suffer in this world…  For is it not during times of crisis and tragedy that we, as diverse people living in a shared space, are most likely to set aside our differences and work together toward a common goal?  “Peace resides where Love reigns…”

And it reminds me of something I learned long ago, but somehow had misplaced in the messy attic that is my memory…



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