The Lesson of “True Love”…

This, then, is that lesson I remembered today…

“True Love”

Lisa R. Palmer


The truest form of Love

is a love that gives…

without thought of what It might receive.

True Love knows no boundaries…

In true empathy It shares,

inseparable in feeling, true Love knows only honesty.

True Love does not attempt to ease our pain;

It allows us to truly feel.

It seeks not to temper our joy;

It allows us to truly be.

True Love knows no jealousy;

through others we find our selves.

It knows no real selfishness

since everyone benefits

if I take care

of me.


True Love cannot judge,

for It has no standards

which It expects others to meet…

It cannot grasp, possess or lead;

through acceptance

true Love liberates and frees…

True Love sees below the surface,

knowing what we can become;

through Its eyes, we see our selves

in every one we love.

The only change that true Love seeks

is greater happiness and peace,

even if it means letting go

or leaving…


True Love does not grieve the separate paths we take,

for, in letting go, we free each other

to pursue our paths to growth.

Whatever distance we might travel, together or alone,

the Love that frees our spirits

will always keep us close.

True Love flows through us,

not from us;

It can’t be captured, conned or held.

It can only be given away



The truest form of Love

acts with gratitude,



By chance we find each other;

by choice we journey together.

The truest form of Love,

in tune with one another,

One friend to

the Other:

True Selves…

True Friends…

True Love.


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