Synchronicity, magic of the mundane..

Plans get cancelled, and

other experiences rush in to fill the empty space.

Places, it turns out,

where I truly needed to be…


Synchronicity, magic of the mundane…

Paths crossing casually.

Messages abound.

Words, as it turns out,

uniquely meant for me…


Synchronicity, magic of the mundane…

The “right” people at the “right” time

In the “right” space and the “right” mind

creating patterns, beautiful and complex,

especially designed for Me.


I couldn’t have planned this if I’d tried,

Nor could I have foreseen.

Yet here I am in this moment, perfectly aligned

With what is “right” for me…



the magic of the mundane me.


Some days are easier than others.  Some days I have no trouble getting out of my own way, and simply going with the flow.

While other days, it’s much more difficult; I struggle for control.  Nothing more than a desperate ploy of Ego, I guess, but compelling nonetheless.

What exactly is it my Ego seeks to gain, by gathering and holding on so tightly to those imagined reins?  Control so rarely garners what I want or need, that letting go should somehow come more easily.  Or so I tend to think…

And yet…

And yet the struggle rages on between the Ego and the soul; one seeking to stop, One seeking to go.  Another day, another moment, another lesson, so much like all the rest.  A pattern in itself, I guess…


Thinking…  Contemplating…  Pondering…


The magic of the mundane.


4 thoughts on “Synchronicity…

  1. Ah, that oft-used advice handed out about only worrying about the things you can control. We control the plan of our days, our hours…and then this or that takes us far, far away from what we thought we could control…the plan. The mundane can quickly become the mess. Some days we vainly fight back towards the plan, some days we cave in and let events flow our best-laid plans straight away. Enjoyed this writing!

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  2. How right you are! You’d think, at my age, I would have gotten this lesson down, but it still haunts me. lol! And since I posted this I’ve been led to many, many sources echoing this same truth, from many different venues. Amazing that I still try to “control” anything…:)

    Thank you so much for visiting, and for taking the time to strike up a conversation! I’m very glad you did… And for the compliment, of course; I need such validation from time to time, or so my Ego claims… 😉


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