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“A Girl Child is Born…”

I wrote this last spring after a particularly compelling meditation/dream.  In that experience I had birthed my new self, while also reliving my daughter’s birth (my only child).  And there was a nagging hint that my daughter would soon birth a daughter, making it 3 generations of woman-hood:  Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Since then, I have discovered my daughter is pregnant, expected to birth a daughter in early May 2016.  And I have seen my own self transformed…

I had forgotten all about this until today, rummaging through my draft folder (apparently I had typed it up here and thought I might one day share it).  Re-discovering it today…  well, I thought, perhaps, it is finally time to share it…

This, then, was the vision…


I hold you in my arms, sweet girl child of mine

For so long I carried you

Inside my womb, and now

I see you, I touch you, I know you

Sweet girl-child of mine…

And, as I look you over this first time,

I notice that cord still joins us,

You and I

Two faces, one Being still.

I place you gently on the altar of my heart

Where you shall always be

I love you even more now than before

I labored for your birth.

For now I see you with my eyes

Touch you with my hands

Recognize you as your own being

While still being part of me…

I am caught up in this moment

In the perfection that is you

Perfect little fingers will one day build a world…

Perfect little toes will soon be buried in the dirt…

That perfect button nose will crinkle at unfamiliar scents

And sniff out new adventures.

Slowly you open those almond shaped eyes

And stare right back at me.

No fear…

No doubt…

Just perfect love and trust.

I see nothing now but those beautiful eyes

Prisms of light through my shimmering tears

Feeling the weight of responsibility for you

Knowing this


Is what I was meant to do…

Everything I’ve ever done

Everything I’ve ever been.

Everything I’ve ever wanted.

Cast in a perfect human form.

I lift you high above my head

An offering to the gods of love

A solemn promise to care for you

To nurture you

To protect you…

And I am done.

I pull you close, rest that auburn head against my breast

For I cannot bear the separation anymore.

And suddenly I notice, once again,

The presence of that cord.

We are One still,

And ever will be.

I have birthed you, sweet child of mine.

I have created you:

Lent you my body

My blood

And my form.

And now I honor your presence with all that I am

I swaddle you with my love.

And yes, sweet child of mine

I see you as you are

And having met you now,

I recognize you

As I am you, you, too are me

Re-birth of a girl-child

The birth of my soul…


22 thoughts on ““A Girl Child is Born…”

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  2. I see that my comment is up there, so that didn’t get lost. I should add that your poem reminds me of a short story I wrote a time back. I’ll have to find it and post it on ~Burning Woman~ blog… 🙂

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  3. If i am to re-live the pain of childbirth through my eyes. Coz milady i was there when my lil flower wont budge, her mom in infernal pain. Among all the meds that my wife endured that night and ending in c section birth. I shared her pain throughout, yes recalling a pain of childbirth is nerve wrecking. And i do understand the pains of being a parent.


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