Flashback..., Poetry


I have had a very bizarre day today; so bizarre, in fact, that I have had to seek actual feedback from others to define our shared reality…

I would actually have made it to work on time, but for the woman who struck up a conversation with me at the bank, like we were old friends or something.  She was sweet enough, and I enjoyed our conversation, but finally I had to ask her if she knew me…?  She claimed she did not.  But she seemed to know an awful lot about me, including where I work, and that I make jewelry…  And then I was late to work…

And then there was the “disappearing” box at work; that one had everyone stumped!  The box was there.  I went to lunch.  When I came back, it was simply gone, and no trace of it remained.  Nor was there any evidence whatsoever that it had ever been there at all…

Then there was this pleasant man, who stopped to chat with me while I was on my break; I enjoyed his company.  But when I returned to work, it was to hear stories of this “creepy dude” who’d just been there, and it was supposedly the same man!

And so the day continued, as did the string of strange events…

At first, I thought perhaps reality was shifting, moving from one possible dimension to the next.  Then it occurred to me that all of the events centered around time in some strange way…

Time.  My greatest nemesis in life.  But wait…  Wasn’t I just talking about that recently?…  This morning maybe…?

And finally I get home, after my 10 hour work day became, somehow, a solid 12 hours long (no, I didn’t work late; the store is only open 10-8).  But somehow, by the time I got home, it was nearly 9:30!

And then I discovered this in my draft folder here; apparently one of the pieces I wrote when I wasn’t actually writing at all…

It seemed apropos, so I thought I would share…

And yes, before you even ask, this is exactly what it’s like to be me.  Almost every day.  Almost all the time… (lol)



Time restrains me…

Time constrains “me”…

Time defines me…

Time creates “me.”

Do I choose to live in time?

In time, each step leads to the next


What was, caused what is, which leads to what will be.


Do I choose to live in time?

What else is there, if time is not?

One moment and another are joined by… what?

Which comes first, and which will follow?

What sense exists, what order, what logic?

Do I choose to live in time?

And if “I” pass without a trace

Blending into Allness once again

Will memory of “me” remain?

In some form, or some residual way?

Do I choose to live in time?

Pondering this, my ego resists

Worried that “I” will be lost.

But if I am All, then I must still exist…

Damn! Trapped in that Paradox!

Do I choose to live in time?

Do I choose to live, in time?

Do “I” choose to live, in time?

Do “I” choose to live in time?

I choose to live…

But did “I” choose?

In time?


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