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“The Birth of a Butterfly”… (Day 25)

“The Birth of a Butterfly”


I spent my childhood as a worm

     the lowliest of Earth’s creatures.

Crawling around in the dirt,

     staying close to the ground,

          always afraid of being stepped on…

When I was caught by a powerful current,

     that drew me deep within myself.

Where I discovered a fountain of hope,

     a well of knowledge,

          a pool of peace…

With all the faith my soul could muster,

I struck out against my cocoon.

Time after time, blow after blow,

     against the false masks that concealed me,

          against the hard walls of my ego…

As my shell finally cracked, and the Light poured in,

     a flood of emotion flowed through.

I crawled out of the darkness,

     dried my tears in the sunshine

and offered myself to you…

Now I dance with the wind, high in the sky,

my wings reflecting the joy that I feel.

Guided by Spirit, uplifted by Love

I know

what I was meant to be:

The most beautiful of beings,

gentle, light-hearted, inspiring…

one amongst many

yet one of a kind

I was born to be a butterfly!


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