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Inspiration comes in many forms… (Day 9)

Today I’m taking a break from the story “Nemesis”; not because I want to, but because I seem to be temporarily stuck.  I know where my character is headed, I can even see the transition, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get her there from here!  At least not tonight…  I did try, of course.  I dug out my laptop, opened it up, logged in, and stared at the empty screen.  And this time the screen remained empty…

That might not seem unusual to other writers out there, but it is highly unusual for me.  For while it’s true that I often have trouble advancing a story line, I rarely find myself with nothing at all to say.  But today I didn’t even get the random meandering paths so common to my “off-the-cuff” writing style; paths that do nothing to move the story along, but wind up becoming countless drafts that read more like author’s notes or explanatory appendices.  This time I simply got an empty screen…

So I did what I am prone to do when I have too many words within me waiting to come out, or when the words are being shy and do not wish to be identified: I read other people’s work.  I find that inspiration from such sources may not always be direct, as in “yes! I want to explore that concept more myself.”  More often it comes to me as more of an “hmm…  now that’s interesting.”  And though the other writer’s work may not directly impact what I write, it nonetheless influences me, and how I write. It might be the mood of a piece, or the cadence of the language; sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of a single word that sets me off on a creative tangent…  The point, I guess, is that inspiration comes in many guises, and my muse is something of an accomplished chameleon…

And if reading doesn’t do the trick, I might find inspiration in music, art or nature; all common go-to places for creative fires to spark.  But today, even those sources did not send me on my way, though I was definitely moved by several things I came across…  No, today inspiration struck from a rather unusual place, and that inspiration had nothing whatsoever to do with the story I am trying to write; hence my inability to add anything story related to this empty computer screen.

Today I received inspiration from a friend’s cell phone auto-correct; you know, that less than helpful program that steals your thoughts and turns them into something unexpected and unintended.  I personally loathe and fear the auto-correct program because I absolutely hate it when anyone puts words into my mouth; I have more than enough of my own, thank you very much, so I don’t need the burden of cleaning up someone else’s word-mess.  But I have a friend who never bothers to check what her phone has actually written before sending off her texts, and so I often get a laugh out of the messages I get…

Today, she tried to text the words “accept responsibility,” but what her phone, in its less than infinite wisdom, decided that she actually meant was “creepy reasonability.”  Seriously!  That’s what it typed…  I could not stop laughing when I read it!  Aside from asking the obvious questions like “how the heck did auto-correct come up with that?!”, and “is ‘reasonability’ even a word?,” I found an entire day’s musings that grew out of those two words.

I mean, obviously politics comes to mind when I read something like this, and I had a blast exploring various examples from recent news bits.  And then, of course I had to explore the stalker/serial killer angle, for surely they epitomize the concept of “creepy reasonability.”  But it went farther for me, too, because many mystical, occult, and paranormal encounters could properly fall under this heading as well.  Not to mention education today!  Or the justice system… Or the medical system…  Or even some of my past relationships!  There is just so much worth exploring in those two words!


So, I guess I should apologize to those of you who might be waiting to read the next chapter of “Nemesis”;  I know of at least two people who have contacted me to tell me so.  I suppose I should because I don’t want to let those people down when they open their e-mail tomorrow.  I suppose I could explain, or make some lame excuse for failing to deliver at such a critical time in the story line. Or maybe I could try to shift the focus a bit by reminding them that anticipation is often more exciting than satisfaction…


Yes, I think I like that last approach best.  After all, it means that I don’t have to accept responsibility for my failure to produce, and it has a certain creepy reasonability!


4 thoughts on “Inspiration comes in many forms… (Day 9)

  1. I’m no published author or anything, but I can you that waiting for inspiration is a bad idea. Writing is a science of putting words together to kindle certain emotions. It should be done with logical and critical thinking rather than inspiration and spikes of chemical (which we call ’emotions’).

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    • Interesting. And yes, I see your point, and I know that there are many who agree with you. I wish that I could develop that skill, but when I try, my work just feels “forced.” Still, it’s something for me to work on. Thanks for your input! 🙂

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  2. Lately, I’ve been feeling particularly inspired. Though, I can certainly relate to feeling of NOTHING coming to mind or like something is missing, the words are not coming out quite right. Inspiration can come from unexpected places! Glad you found what you needed.

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    • Thank you! Life is so much more fun when the writing train is moving! Happy adventures to you during this inspired time! Please keep sharing… And thanks for visiting; I do so love having company here… 🙂


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