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“Life in the Shadows…” (Day 15)

In a dark place today.  I’ve seen some truly inspirational stuff though, in a variety of places.  So I could, maybe even should, put this darkness behind me and get on with my life.  I know that I am a creature of Light and Love; I acknowledge that I am also created of Shadow as well, and that both are “right” and “true” forms of me.  I value Truth, even if I don’t like how it feels, so all of this is quite enlightening for me (yes, pun intended).  I have spent a great deal of time exploring the Light side of my nature, and growing it, so that I can serve “Goodness” in the world today, brightening my little patch of Life for myself and others who cross my path.  I take pride in doing that.  So today, perhaps, I will indulge my Dark side a bit…

I clearly cannot comprehend the world I live in today by remaining solely in the Light.  And perhaps there is simply no “understanding” to be had.  But I will not know if I do not try.  A friend told me today that I was living in Fear, which many consider to be the opposite of living in Love.  I tend to agree, so I find no fault in what was said to me. And yet…

And yet, I feel like I’m missing something here.  If the Shadow is a part of me, then I must also learn to love that part of me, if I am truly going to be a person of love and compassion.  Running from that darkness, hiding from it, denying it within myself seems more cowardly to me than simply facing it, and owning it, for the Shadow also has a point of view that needs to be addressed in a world where justice rules.  Even if that rule is only in my imagination.

And in keeping with the power of Synchronicity, which has become such a guiding force in my life these days, I stumbled upon this poem, quite by accident, while looking for something else I wanted to review.  Clearly it is no coincidence that the Paris attacks (and my overwhelming response to them) should coincide with the shortening of days, the visions I experienced, and the development of my story “Nemesis,” where the actual villain is a shadow!  And all falling within a three day period of when I first encountered Him in my writing!

(And what I haven’t mentioned yet, or shared, is that I wrote a poem on the 12th, just before any of this occurred, in which I explored the power of creativity.  The poem, entitled “A Writer’s Dream” was all about how we, as writers, create realities, and it sparked the idea for me that perhaps we could unite, as writers, to write a new, peaceful reality for our world.  And perhaps we still can.  But first, I think, I need to follow my muse into the dark side of the room, to learn what I can see there.)

And then I found this poem.  And remembered that this is not the first time the Shadow and I have met.  But it has been a while, and so I choose to get reacquainted with that part of me today…

***     *****     ***

“Life…  in the Shadows”

Lisa R. Palmer


Nothing left to say.

Nothing more to do.

     But to wait…

     and to wonder…

to endure.

Each moment a struggle.

Each breath an effort.


     after another…

yet always alone.

No peace.  No relief.

No possible escape.

     Only shame…

     and regret…

and hope.

From the mountain of Dreams

to the chasm of Being:

     A single step…

     a desperate plunge…

a flight of Faith.

The past in the distance.

The future in sight.

     The present…

     beyond me…

unbreachable eternity.

Without fear.

Without courage.


     and aware…

still…  And forever.

An uncrossable void.

A labyrinth of sorrow.

     Reaching out from the darkness…

     a passing thought…

Love grows in Shadow as well as in Light.


10 thoughts on ““Life in the Shadows…” (Day 15)

    • Thank you! I actually feel much better today. I have learned that sometimes the best way to get through something is to let yourself actually go through it, rather than trying to stop it or change it. Just as you suggest. 🙂
      Besides, I can always call it research for the story I’m writing… lol
      Thanks so much for visiting! Love your blog, by the way…

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Indeed, I agree,” says a voice from the shadows, and looking up one realizes she is not alone after all. There is great comfort in companionship, I think.
      Welcome to the Otherhood; I am very glad to see you here. I noticed a comment you made somewhere else, which moved me greatly, so I appreciate your visit and your conversation!
      Please make yourself at home here; I look forward to calling you stranger no more…

      Liked by 1 person

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