NoBloPoMo, Poetry, Reflections

“Cauldron of Creation”… (Day 18)


Lunar Eclipse September 2015

Photo by Lisa Palmer

A blaze ignites

a fire rages

passion burns

eternal inferno.

A gentle touch

made with consent

intense intent


Trembling response

foundation shaking

an idea, a seed 


Two become one

One becomes two

a new soul

has begun.

Separation, anxiety

fear are born,

and boundaries


Alone am I

but not

as two will blend

and merge.

Walls falling

boundaries breached

exposed and naked

and vulnerable.

Entwined again

body and mind.

The pain begins

but never ends.

Giving in

and giving up

we’ll try this

yet again.

Time passing

flesh ripping

blood dripping

Alone once more am I.

Hands reach

hearts beat

breath leaves

Earth and Sky meet.

One is watching


the miracle of birth

and death.

The  Cauldron of Creation

A woman’s womb


A Divine design.


2 thoughts on ““Cauldron of Creation”… (Day 18)

    • Ah, but the pains of creation never truly end, do they, as you, an artist, can confirm? We struggle to birth whatever we create, we struggle to let go of it, we wonder and watch and worry sometimes. It is the same with childbirth, as my daughter recently reminded me. Pregnant with her second child, her firstborn has some virus that keeps him up coughing. She can do little but hold him, and suffer with him. And I, as her mother, still suffer with her. I rather believe that when you bond so intimately with another soul, as in sharing the same body, the empathy born of that bond is a gift that keeps giving. Even when it hurts… 🙂

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