Flashback..., NoBloPoMo, Poetry

“Separate Identity”… (Day 19)

“Separate Identity”

E. Lisa Renee

(Aka Lisa R. Palmer)


In a world of confusion, darkness abided.

Fear was our master, suspicion our guide.

Looking for answers to questions unknown.

Lonely travelers on life’s winding roads.

With heavy hearts, we lifted our eyes

to the first rays of dawn in the eastern sky.

Glancing around, we spied each other.

Hand in hand, we walked on together.

We were just two lonely people hoping to find

a place in this world, a little peace of mind.

Holding on to each other, yet always alone

finding separate identity, where two become One.

They say we’re all different, no two are the same

“terminal uniqueness” is part of the game.

Our separateness is a burden we all have to bear.

Loneliness a feeling that all of us share.

And there is the secret to reaching each other,

the link in the chain that binds us together.

If loneliness is the lock, then Love is the key;

united through “differentness”, the “I” becomes “we.”


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