NoBloPoMo, Poetry

“Reflection”… (Day 23)


Photo by Lisa Palmer 2015



I look into a mirror and a reflection I see.

But a reflection of what, or whom, can it be?

Is it supposed to be a reflection of me?


Because I don’t recognize that woman therein,

She is mucky, and murky, and foggy in the extreme.

And that is most certainly not in my Being.


For I am a creature of Love and Light today.

I walk in the sand, and flow with the waves.

I soar with the birds and dance with the wind.

I count the Sun and the Moon and the Earth as my Kin.


So who is this woman the Mirror reflects?

Who is this person with whom the mirror connects?


Many things I’ve learned in the years I have grown

Such as wherever there is Light, there must also be Shadow.

Could this reflection be a Shadow Self I have known?

Hiding just out of sight, behind the masks of my Ego?


She does seem familiar, if I look close enough.

But she is skittish, and shy, with an aura of “tough”

And that doesn’t seem like the me that I know,

For she is broken and bruised and full of great sorrow…


So how can I reconcile the “Me” that I am

With this misty reflection I see?

Is she a projection of what I might one day be?

Or a flash of memory?


Sometimes a mind cannot comprehend what a heart intuitively understands.

So I reach out blindly, completely on faith,

And with all that I am I embrace

The mirror itself and the reflection it contains…


And suddenly…  Unexpectedly…

A new existence begins for me.


One that is whole and complete, and without false dualities.

For my soul knows reality without time or causality.

While my two eyes may fool me with shadows and reflections

The I that I am knows the Truth of the Matter.


For whoever that woman was or one day might be,

She is mine now; I claim her, as she is exactly.

Perfect imperfection, but without separation.


We are Divine and Earthly, united in being.

With one mind and purpose, in serene harmony

My Oneness revealed by this solemn reflection.




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