NoBloPoMo, Reflections

Mysteries… (Day 25, Take 2)

Ok, here’s a mystery for all you sci fi and mystery writers to work on…

It was late last night when I got around to doing my blog post, so I sorted through my “Drafts” and found a poem I had not yet published.  I looked it over, tweaked it a bit, and “published” it.  Then I went on to start working on tomorrow’s blog, so I won’t be too far behind.

So far, all is normal…

My notifications tell me that someone from Facebook read the new post, and one other.  Cool!

So, this morning I log in, and there is no new post…  Hmm…  I check in my “draft” folder, but it’s not there, either.  So I go looking through my “published” archive, and I find the post, as last edited, but it’s status indicates I published it “20 days ago”?!

My first thought is that I must have forgotten that it was already published, so I go looking for another post from 11-4 (Day 4)  or 11-5 (Day 5), knowing that, for November anyway, I have purposely only posted once a day.  Sure enough, on Nov. 4, (Day 4), I published a chapter of “Nemesis”, and on 11-5 (Day 5) I published “Stillness”…

And sitting between them in my Archives is “Birth of a Butterfly… (Day 25)”…


So tell me, wise ones…  How the heck did I manage to go back in time 20 days to publish my post?

I know I often have issues with Time, but usually it’s little things.  This is downright disturbing…  lol


9 thoughts on “Mysteries… (Day 25, Take 2)

  1. ANM7 says:

    Don’t bother me right now, am in the process of building a home made time travel device which I hope will somehow lead me to understand what it is you said in this post, make some kind of time ordered sense out of just the post alone and then I might be able to donate a response to your rhetorical question.

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    • It was just a glitch with WordPress, I presume, as it misplaced my blog post. Literally! Lol!

      My archives are in chronological order, so when my first attempt at a post, dated Nov. 25th, called “Birth of a Butterfly” showed up in my archives as published on Nov. 5th, I was suitably confused.

      Glad I could share that confusion with my friends… lol! BTW, I’d love to know how you make out with that time machine! 😉

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