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Ethics of Magick… (Day 29)

I know, random topic, right?  Or maybe not…  (I am, after all, mid-story in a tale of magick gone awry, and planning to pick it up again soon – yay!).

I used to teach a class in Ritual Magick, and I always used to start with a solid discussion of ethics; it was my belief that if you understood how magick worked, you’d be much less likely to ever use it.  The standard for modern times is “an’ it harm none, do as you will.”   The problem arises in our attempt to define “harm.”  A similar sentiment is echoed in the adage “be careful what you pray for; you might just get it.”  True, too, for the “Law of Attraction,” where positive thoughts yield positive results, and vice versa.  And how many fairy tales have been told warning of the dangers of misguided “wishing”?  And now we are officially entering the season of miracles and wish fulfillment…

So, no, maybe not so random after all…

I was taught that, contrary to popular belief, there is a finite amount of energy in the Universe, although, from our limited perspective, it may appear infinite.  As co-Creators of All-That-Is, we are free to mold and manipulate that energy at will, thus manifesting whatever it is we desire.  But we must always remember that whatever energy we hijack for our purposes (good or bad intentioned) has come from somewhere else; nothing in life is free!

The purpose of ritual in magickal efforts, be it circle craft or praying, or visualization, or superstitious behavior, is to practice discipline, sharpen focus, and amplify awareness; in essence it allows us to “take charge” of the magickal process.  But the truth is that magick itself requires no such drawn out processes; it happens as quickly as a thought, even an only partially formed one.  We think, “boy, I’d love some ice cream right about now,” and an ice cream truck comes trundling down our block.  Or, “I think I may be thirsty, maybe I should go get a drink”; and the skies outside open up, drowning the earth in a sudden downpour…

Coincidence?  Maybe, except that I don’t really believe in coincidences.  Today, I would likely call it synchonicity, but it’s all the same process in the end.  It is magick, defined, for my purposes anyway, as “the manipulation of real world events by the application of thought or will.”

So…  ethics.  Big topic, lots to work with, where do I want to run with this?  I guess I’m hung up today on the nature of “harm,” and where we draw the line with this.  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and articles on social media sites involving “how to protect yourself from…” and “how to manifest…”, and while I understand the intentions of such pieces, I am nonetheless irritated by what appears to be a basic misunderstanding.  On top of that is this hyper-sensitivity running rampant through our society, where we take offense at everything!  How will we ever make peace with each other when we can’t even have a simple conversation?  Way too much drama out there, and woefully little self-responsibility.

So this is my lecture to those of you afraid of “psychic vampires”, or “being cursed”, or “being attacked by others’ magick”…

It’s not happening.  Period.  Really…  At least, not in the sense that you need “protection” against these happenings.

I know this because I get how magick works, and other than intimidating someone (which is not a magickal skill), there is nothing you can truly do to another person, magickally speaking.  You may convince them to harm themselves, but that has more to do with your ability to deceive and persuade; you cannot actually make them grow warts or turn into frogs.  Unless they want to, of course…  But then, they wouldn’t really need you…

Magick is personal, we can only directly influence our own lives; we might “suggest” to another how to alter their own life, but we cannot actually cause those changes to occur for another.  The actual “harm” that comes into play when doing magick is the way we coopt energy and twist it to our purposes, and the kinds of suggestions we make to others.

Example…  Many years ago I found myself short of cash for a car insurance payment.  It was due in about a week, and I could not squeeze the budget any tighter; there simply was not enough money coming in.  After making all possible adjustments, and juggling bills, I still came up about $60 short.  So I gave in to the urge to do money magick, being very careful to only ask for exactly what I needed…

Within three days (yes that number three does play prominently in all things magickal), I came out of work to discover that someone had hit my car where it was parked.  Luckily they left a note, so I called them.  They came right away, begging me not to call the insurance companies.  They offered me whatever cash they had in their wallet, and more later, just to keep it between us.  There was no serious damage to my car, which was really old anyway, and they had… wait for it… exactly $60 in their wallet (actually it was an odd number like $57, but it was exactly the amount I needed to pay my bill).  So my car was damaged, this stranger had a horrible day, but my bill got paid on time.  Magick accomplished… (Just for the record, I only took that $57; I did not try to compound the “wrong” by seeking more.)

That is how magick actually works.  All magick is “wild” in the sense that it brings its own consequences, and it tends to be a bit snarky always.  It will exploit whatever loopholes you leave open, while technically meeting your demands.  And I have never met anyone with a disciplined enough will to close every loophole; or if I have, they are not doing “magick” like this.

The “harm” in this case is obvious, but minimal, in part because I was so very careful and specific in my demands.  I coopted energy (in this case $57) from another, and I got my car damaged in the process.  I learned my lesson about doing money magick.  Reminder: there is a finite amount of energy to draw from, a finite amount of resources you can tap; you may draw to you what you need, but you will take it from someone else.  That seems to me to be the very definition of “harm,” though some might argue that the other person could clearly afford it in this case, but I can’t actually know that…

The same principle applies to those teaching “how to manifest your desires” in the world today.  “Become abundant by doing what you love, etc” is good in theory, but understand that, for you to make a fortune at something, someone else is going to have to pay for it.  The “ethical” question is “are you targeting people who can afford to pay for your dreams to come true, or are you targeting others just as needy as yourself?”

Now, back to those “psychic vampires”…  Are there people out there capable of “feeding” off your energy?  Absolutely!  You’ll recognize them by paying attention to how you feel around them.  Do you always feel exhausted after spending time with a certain person?  Do you avoid interacting with someone because it feels like too much work?  Yeah, they’re everywhere.  Do you need protection from them?  That depends entirely upon you, and how much you are willing to share with those people…

Again, a finite amount of energy to be used, and in this case they are drawing from you.  Are you willing to give it or not?  In my experience, most of these “energy vampires” are not even aware they are doing anything to you; they are just very “needy.”  They know people avoid them, which makes them feel even more needy for whatever attention they get, thus causing them to draw even more on the energy of those they interact with.  Which encourages more people to avoid them, etc.  It’s a self-defeating cycle, and it’s sad, but it is not dangerous, at least not to the “giver.”

You have three choices (told you three is a magickal number) when you realize you are in the company of such a needy person: you can give what energy you feel you can spare freely, and rest later; you can walk away and avoid all future encounters with them; or you can enact “protection” protocols, which will allow you to be around them without being drained.  I caution against the last, in spite of that being the option most strongly “suggested” by the mainstream momentum.  In order to “protect” yourself, you actually have to isolate yourself from others, create a little bubble around yourself, which serves to separate you from the rest of the world; and really, in my not-so-humble opinion, this world needs more unification than separation…

But my caution runs deeper than that…  All life exists because of that subtly moving energy, that exchange that crosses forms.  Animals eat plants to absorb their energy for survival; carnivores eat herbivores to support their needs.  The death of animals provides nutrients to the soil that allow the plants to grow in the first place.  And that’s just one, very simplistic example of the connectedness of all life.  You cut yourself off from another for the sake of “protection”, and you isolate yourself from all others; you also isolate yourself from natural sources of replenishing your energy.  If “protection” becomes habitual, you will become “needy” yourself, you will drive others away, you will become needier…  Like magic, another “psychic vampire” is born…

In my opinion (and no, there is no particular reason that should sway you), the real problem is that our human minds, as they exist today, are too limited to grasp the complexity and enormity of energy transactions.  We cannot take into consideration all possible ramifications of our thoughts; and it is through “thought” that most magick goes awry.  But, luckily, we are not limited to minds alone; we also have feelings, and souls capable of grasping the totality of all existence, since our souls are part of the One-ness that birthed everything.  Our emotions are what bridge our thoughts and souls.  If we focus our feelings on calm, peace, love and light, then we will naturally minimize the “harm” we do to others.  After all, the person driving the ice cream truck is trying to make a living, and maybe the earth was also thirsty, so encouraging the rain benefits us all…

So…if any of this resonates with you, feel free to contact me privately to sign up for my Magick 101 online course.  I can teach you how to manifest all your dreams, protect yourself from curses and other evil intentions, and heal others, with or without their consent.  And, if you sign up in the next three days, you can have the entire course for only $200 ( a course like this usually sells for a $1000 or more!).  But I believe in you, so I’m offering you this special deal!*

What can I say… rent is due next week…


* (Yes, friends, this is a joke.  Please don’t contact me about this course; I’m not really teaching it.  I don’t want any misunderstandings to occur here…)


6 thoughts on “Ethics of Magick… (Day 29)

  1. That was a most interesting read. Being Catholic (myself) we wouldn’t agree on everything, but I see where you’re coming from. Thanks for that insight….liked the ‘advert’ at the end- like all good jokes it’s based on an element of truth.
    Best wishes

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  2. You remind me of that movie “practical magic” that all magic has repercussions and consequences. That there’s no white nor black magick, it’s the intention of the user in which magick derives from

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