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“What if?…”… (Day 30 – yay!)

“What if…?”

Two words that can change Everything…

If I create my own Reality,

Then these two words are how it starts.

Before “in the beginning” even

There must have been some thought

Like “what if…?”

It looked like this?

Then what?

As creator of my own Universe

Influencing all other Universes I make contact with

Being inflenced by them

I become co-creator of yours

As you co-create with me…

What if…?

We worked together to create?

Whatever we desire to share?

What would that look like?

Where would it lead?

What if…?

We created something beautiful today?

Something peaceful and serene?

Maybe something Empowering?

For both you and me…

Come create with me today…

Grant wings to your dreams…

And co-create a story of Love and Compassion both

To influence all beings!

Together we can make a difference!

We can change our worlds!

We can do magick with the simplest of thoughts…

Please come “what if…?” with me!

***     *****   ***

And so a New World begins…

Not with a Big Bang

Or a War of Conquest

Or a Revolution of thought or deed

Or any traumatic upheavals of change…

But with a simple thought

Spoken quietly


And shared openly…

“What if…?”



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