Time Travelling…

So…  A few days back, I hit a glitch where my daily post actually posted three weeks earlier than I wrote it.  That glitch was never satisfactorily explained, other than to joke that I actually woke three weeks in the past, posted, fell back asleep, and woke in my own time once more…

Crazy, right?

So, why is it that today I’m getting stats dated December 2?

I’m looking at my home clock, and it clearly reads 8:16 EST, Dec. 1, 2015.  

Am I missing something here, or am I actually slipping through time unpredictably?  Lol…

Anyone care to write this story, so I know what to expect?  Sci-fi is a passion I love to read, but writing it is outside my abilities…

Please and thanks…


10 thoughts on “Time Travelling…

  1. I’ve had that problem, and never understood the reason for it. Possibly, when I originally wrote a post on the Blog, and updated it, that first update was taken as the date of publication owing to said glitch . Now to be safe I write my posts on Word and copy and paste them to WordPress only at the time I am actually going to publish

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  2. The explanation is simple. The computer system has become confused, it thinks the American War of Independence was won by those loyal to King George the Third (or Second) and thus you are constrain(ed) by GMT, because as I write this in the UK it is 18:17hrs 2nd December 2015. Feel free to use this idea in any future (ha-ha I can’t believe I wrote that in this context!)
    Best Wishes

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