Steps of Stone

I’m just starting to catch up on fellow bloggers since my unintended absence, and I came across this. Dennis’ work often moves me, but this one touched me deeply, both in its sorrow and its hope…

If you are not familiar with his work, I encourage you to check it out…

Dennis Cardiff

“We planted you, we nurtured you, we protected you
until you became a mighty tree that spread through our
hunting grounds. With its branches you now lash us.”
– Mississauga Chief


Steps used by the Rideau Lakes Mississauga
Band of the Ojibwe or Anishinaabe Nation , for
traditional Sun Dance and other ceremonies.

I sit on ancient steps of stone
by myself, but not alone.
The presence of ten thousand souls
imbues me with their joys and goals.

The steps lead to a sacred place;
for Mississauga prayers and grace.
They danced to celebrate the sun
before the white man and the gun.

I seek what they sought; love and peace ~
for wars around the world to cease.
To live a life of nature’s plan
in harmony with fellow man.

In harmony with living things
and everything that nature brings.
I sit on ancient steps of stone

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