Celebrate Today!

Today I choose to celebrate “me” as I see myself in others, focusing on the Light and the Goodness I find within each of us.  Today, I train my “eyes” to focus on what is right in the world today:

  • I will see Kindness in small acts, whether it be in the form of a smile, or someone holding open a door, or helping someone clear the snow from their car…
  • I will see Compassion in words of encouragement, or hugs offered, whether or not they are accepted.
  • I will see Patience in that small amount of “extra” time spent to ensure someone’s needs are met.
  • I will see Generosity in gifts given, whether they be in the form of material possessions, or simply another driver yielding to merging traffic.
  • I will see Joy in every laugh, every attempt at humor, every expression of sponteneity.

I will cherish every encounter today, with friends or strangers, knowing every moment we share, every breath we take, ennables us one more chance to make Peace in the world, to Heal, to Learn, and to Help.

This is my reality today…

I celebrate today!  Will you celebrate with me?



9 thoughts on “Celebrate Today!

  1. Amen! The best part is, it works! I actually saw each of the examples I mentioned over the next 24 hours, and participated in others. And today, while waiting for my daughter to get some lab work done, I struck up a conversation with a beautiful old soul, who took the time to assure me (without prompting, of course) that there is much good in our world and our city. And she proceeded to give examples of how kind and compassionate others have been toward her, and how much gratitude and joy she felt in that! And I knew, feeling her joy as my own, that she was right, that we were right, and that there is much to celebrate today…

    Thanks for celebrating with me today!

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  2. I will for sure 🙂 I share these thoughts with you. If people could look for that little goodness in whatever deed, this world would be such a beautiful place. It would be the solution to all this discrimination, hatred and violence.

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