Poetry, Reflections

“An’Other Side of Love…”

Ahhh… love!

Sweet passion!

Intense and total connection

To another human Be-ing.

Bodies touching…

Hearts racing…

Breathing deeply of An’Other…

E-merging into One.

I have felt such need before

Spirit lifting with every contact

Body aching always

For more…


But not today…


Today, such vices are reserved

For younger, more eager hearts to bear.

I read their tales

And simply smile

A voyeur of joy

Wrapped in soft strands

Of memory.


Taints those pictures

Tones of sepia: the long dead

Tinged with dried-blood red…


Ahhh…, I remember, love!

My body shaking

In anticipation

As warm hands reached for me.


And holding…

Me down.

To drown.

In a sea of expectation.

Never enough

Like a drug

The bittersweet pain of addiction

And release.

Wondering if “I” could survive…?



But not today…


Today my love embraces All.

Without reservation

Or restriction

Without losing myself.


Previous motivation.

And I am Whole

As One…

Free to be




Participating in the joy of Others

Without compromising

My Self.


Ahhh… Love!



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