The common denominator of the past few days, raccoon lessons included, is about masks and appearances.  (Yes, there’s a story there, but I’ve no time to tell it now… lol!)

While I sit here meditating today, it comes to me clearly: everything I see is an illusion of sorts, an interpretation of light and shadow, an assumption based on expectation…  Is this not the very situation I warned my Self about as the year began?

Blind-sided by my own perceptions, misled by my own thoughts, until now, those very misperceptions have become a source of sheer amusement, appearing and disappearing, as they do, on a whim and a prayer…

And it occurs to me this morning that all of what I’ve been experiencing is related to “masking”.  But what am I hiding?  And/Or what am I hiding from?

Masks are, by nature, temporary and changeable.  Nothing more than outward facing forms designed to shape the Light within into something recognizable for others.  For I cannot see my own masks clearly.  Like the Wizard, I live behind the curtain of reality, creating this magical, dramatic, and lesson-filled world for others to explore.  Everything the “outside” world reacts to, I can manipulate with my levers and imagination, understanding, behind my curtain-mask, the fuller expression of how it all works…

And the “danger” of exposing my Self (if such a danger actually exists) is to rob others of the magic and mystery, to make All mundane and mediocre, to steal hope from the hearts of true “believers”…  For what need has One of Belief when Truth presides?


I believe this requires further contemplation; It remains incomplete.  But It exists, there, on the fringes of my awareness…  Like a shadow crossing my peripheral sight, I sense it more than see it.  But I know that there is something there.  If I find It, if I succeed in naming It, perhaps I will share It with those of you who also care about It.

Or perhaps I won’t…

Perhaps this is just another distraction, masking my “real” path…?


9 thoughts on “Masks…

      • Your thoughts are your thoughts. It doesn’t matter how they are received or perceived. Your blog is for you to express yourself however you see fit. Whoever doesn’t like your thoughts or posts, should just ignore them (or simply not follow you). No one should be called a Crazy Cat. So feel free to express yourself. This crazy Chimp has no problem with your thoughts. Great to talk to you as well. Smiling.

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  1. Thought provoking post, very deep and insightful.
    It’s quite a conundrum, and answers are often difficult to grasp, and sometimes harder to explain. As we are part of the same Creation, there is a possible parallel with the nature of Light from a scientific standpoint; it can be either a particle (of matter) or it can be a wave (of energy) and can change from one to the other, some would argue simply by being observed. Therefore it could be argued there is no mask as such just different ways of being.
    I don’t say I am certain about that, or even feel my explanation has any degree of solid credibility, only that nothing is as simple as some would have it made out to be.

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    • Fascinating! So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re suggesting that instead of just changing our masks, we could, in fact, be changing our forms…?

      Oh, I’m loving this possibility! A reasonably logical explanation of shape-shifting…

      Or… Maybe that’s not what you meant at all… lol!

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      • ‘Changing of forms’…yes along those lines. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t fully understand (even my own explanation…lol!) but there again as we are but part of a larger work, will we ever? I feel if we keep our minds open, embrace Compassion, Respect and Tolerance and feed out natural curiosities, we are journeying upwards and outwards

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    • I am honored to be offered this opportunity, Uday, but I’m afraid I will have to decline this time. Sounds like fun, but I’m not really comfortable nominating other bloggers, and I seriously lack the basic tech skills; I would have absolutely no idea how to go about posting links the way you did. Lol!

      However, I look forward to reading your response to this post, and I will be sure to follow your progress in the challenge!

      Thank you for considering me! And for visiting the otherhood! 🙂

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