An update for “Why…?”

So…  After spending a pleasant morning catching up on reading and interacting with my blogging friends here at WordPress, I decided to take a nap, which turned out to be about 4 hours long.  (Told you I was tired! Lol…)  During that nap, I dreamed…

I dreamed I was sitting next to my dream mentor, discussing various topics of existence, and attempting to trace each back to its original “Source,” tracing the experiences back in orange lines.  (Why orange?  I have no idea!) After some “time” doing this, my dreamscape began to resemble a roadmap, with a hub slightly above and left of center from which emanated a multitude of meandering orange paths, none of which appeared to have any real focus or direction.  Nor was there any overall pattern I could recognize, other than the common starting point or Source…  Finally, in frustration, I forced myself awake to find the sun gone and the moon rising to light my darkened room…

Annoyed that even in sleep I could not seem to escape the haunting question of “why?”, I stumbled grumpily around the house, made some coffee, and settled down to check my email…

Where I discovered an email from Mindvalley Academy (a site I follow) containing a link to a “must-see” You-tube video entitled…

Wait for it…

“Everything is connected: Here’s how…”  The presenter is Tom Chi, the channel (?) is TedX Talks, and the video attempts to explain how the spiritual belief in the connectedness of All has solid scientific backing.

Needless to say, I could not stop laughing!

While the video itself was not life-altering, at least for me, it was nonetheless intriguing, and I did learn some things I had not previously known.  (Yes, of course I watched it!  The answers to Everything were being dangled in front of me, and like a cat on catnip, I could not resist… lol!)

I would happily post the link to the video directly on here, if I had any idea how to do that, but, alas, I do not.  Hopefully, though, I have included enough information here for you to find it yourselves if you are so inclined…

What can I say, but that synchronicity strikes again!

As to why?  I have absolutely no idea this time…  🙂


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