I find myself obsessed with this one word, and I cannot help but wonder why? (See?!)  Everything that happens, everything that touches me, everything that even slightly intrigues me leads inevitably to this eternal (infernal?) question:  why??

I am tired today, exhausted actually, and while I could no doubt list a dozen reasons “why”, what possible difference does it make, really?  I’m tired today; enough said…

It’s almost as though my conscious mind sees Life itself as some mystery that needs solving; a jigsaw puzzle of many pieces that I am slowly assembling, but to what end?  In order to catch a fleeting glimpse of the “big picture”?  Could it be that simple?  And that pointless?

I love puzzles, it’s true.  But after investing hours of my time in solving them, I usually wind up breaking them apart again, and returning the pieces to their original box.  To gather dust, and sometimes mold, while they remain there, untouched again.  But I rarely let them go…


It’s true that sometimes I pass them on to others, small gifts of affection to other puzzle lovers who might find pleasure in re-constructing them.  Sometimes I even donate them to libraries, and other worthy entities, who pass them on to strangers who delight in getting “new to them” puzzles to play with.  I’ve gained a few myself this way, only to discover that there are often pieces missing from “used” puzzles; something to add to the challenge of it all, I guess…

But why?

Why is it so difficult to get all the pieces back into the box, when clearly you had them all before you broke it apart?  Do people unconsciously hang onto certain pieces, for some, as yet unrecognized, reason?  I know I’m guilty of it; I find pieces to puzzles in the oddest places, sometimes months or years after completing them.  And the strangest part is that I can look at this single misplaced piece, and instantly recognize what puzzle it once belonged to!…

Why?!…  And how?!

It’s almost as though I never grew up at all…  I remember being 3 years old, asking “why?” about everything.  I remember reading, even then, my love of words beginning so very young, seeking information and explanations about everything!  And I remember enjoying those answers so much more when framed within an excellent story or poem.  At 4, my favorite book was a book of children’s verses by Robert Frost…  My favorite poem was something about “My Shadow.”  I can still see one of the illustrations in my memory, even if I can’t remember the words or proper title…


Because there’s a downside to always seeking answers to the “why’s” of life, and I have experienced it first-hand.  Many times…  Not only do the answers often disappoint the psyche, but they clearly rob one of that simple sense of awe and wonder that makes seeking so appealing.  The gasp of delight in discovering new curiosities is often replaced by the resigned sigh of satisfaction, when mundane explanations suffice…


Why then do I seek, knowing I do not truly want to know?  Why am I so compelled to destroy my own sense of wonder, by answering every question with a reasonable explanation?  Why can’t I just Be, when Be-ing is what I think I want most?


Enough said, I think…




10 thoughts on “Why?…

  1. Very deep and searching. I hope this does not sound frivolous, it’s just my own response to a provocative and thoughtful post ….’Why?…Because we are who we are. In this there is no further explanation. Only if you hurt another by thoughts, words, or deeds do you need to question. We are part of such a vast and majestic whole, a collections of bits and pieces of Creation without a gift of thought, but we may never know the full answer to anything, much less everything. Be who you are. Let Compassion, Respect and Tolerance be your guidelines and just journey on for its and your sake’ (don’t know where all that came from, it has to be done to reading your post.
    Best wishes

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    • Ahh, Roger, you bring me such joy with every comment and post you write! Compassion, Respect and Tolerance are worthy goals indeed, and simply accepting who we are, while sounding simple, is often the most difficult of all… Thank you for guiding me into a different perspective on this; I do truly treasure your input! Always… 🙂

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      • Thanks ‘L.R’. Apart from my own spiritual journey, there’s also my experiences with Cosmology and Quantum Physics; they really do open up whole new vistas (even if the maths are quite beyond the grasp of most folks -self included I hasten to add)

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  2. I agree! Both on the expanded perceptions and the math! Lol!

    BTW, the “L” in “L.R.” is Lisa. I don’t know why I chose to just use my initials (lol, darn “why” again!), but perhaps I should fix that if I can figure out how. I think it goes back to my ghost writing days, but I forget that people don’t automatically know my name. Imagine that! 😉


  3. As Uar Iam says:

    I don’t disagree, at all, but I have a response to the question. If you don’t mind I’m going to do a post, and put a link to this. Not that I bring follows, but it so perfectly describes WHY I came to understand NOTHING. GREAT POST!!!

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    • Awesome! I look forward to reading your thoughts, always. You have a way of bringing new Light to my old, tired, recycled thoughts. I am genuinely glad to have this interaction with you!

      I have been blessed here at WordPress with “meeting” many who so inspire me, and so I cherish every one of them! 🙂

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    • Indeed, Taylor, I agree wholeheartedly! It has always been about the journey, which is why I’m so fascinated about the details along the way, I think. Certainly, I have never found as much joy in discovering answers as I have seeking them…

      It is wonderful to see you out and about today! I so look forward to your visits, as I know you understand “me” in a unique and personal way (as demonstrated by your own posts, of course!)…

      Offering you a sincere hug… 🙂

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