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“The Little Soul…”

The time was long ago.

The place was far away

in space, if not in memory.

And there was born a soul

newly crafted and complete.

But what is it, One wondered,

about this particular soul,

on this particular date,

in this particular place,

that will make this soul unique?

What face will it choose to wear in Time?

What expressions might it reveal?

What will those shining eyes

choose to see

in a world of hidden grace?

And what masks will it then choose

to hide behind

to help define

its self?

***   ***   ***

“This is the mask you choose to wear?,”

The Creator asked the soul.

“You realize, I’m sure,

that it hides more than it shows…?”

“Of course,” replied the soul

adjusting its mask just so,

“but that is how I choose to live this Life

that you have now made possible.”

“Suit your self,” the Creator replied,

“for this is, indeed, your life,

to do with as you will.”

“Thank you,” the soul said

smiling to itself,

“I will remember that!”

***   ***   ***

“Have you given any thought yet

to what you might be called?”

the Creator questioned next.

“You could be Ruler and reign supreme

as a King or Queen perhaps?

Or maybe you prefer to work with your hands

as a Carpenter, Blacksmith, or Jeweller?

Or would you like to serve the others

as Teacher, Healer or Guide?…”

“Ahh, that strikes a chord,” the Creator commented,

noticing the spark that flashed in the little One’s eyes…

“A minister, then, I guess you’ve chosen.

But by which title do you wish to be known?,”

the Creator asked the soul.

“For there are many that fit this goal,

like Healer, Priest or Friend?

Or perhaps something a little grander might appeal?…”

the Creator suggested to the soul,

hinting at that brighter Light

it had chosen to conceal.

“How about Lightworker, or Sage,

Guru or Magician?

Earth Angel has recently caught my attention…

Or maybe something simpler, even,

like Wise One or Wisdom Keeper?…”

“I do not wish to challenge you,”

the soul said softly to its Creator,

“but would you be offended if

I chose only to be known

as Me?”

***   ***   ***

“Oh, you are a humble one, my little soul,”

the Creator then continued,

“and something of a Paradox, too…

In you I created magnificence,

and brilliance,

and time-less beauty, true.

And yet you choose to hide it all;

a path destined to lead

only to obscurity

and anonymity…”

Nodding, the little soul concurred,

“Yet you told me that my path

was mine alone to choose…?”

***   ***   ***

“Very well,” the Creator answered,

“as it is, indeed, your life

and therefore your right

to choose

what you will come to Be…

But is there anything I can do

to help you

fulfill your chosen Destiny?”

The soul thought for a Moment,


and finally it sighed,

certain Now of what to ask for

about what it just might need…

***   ***   ***

“I want to help them All, you know,” the little soul began,

“the land, the sky, the sea…

I want to love the animals,

the rocks, the plants, the trees!

But if I am to accomplish all that,

there is one thing I’ll need;

with so many Beings out there to reach

alone I can’t succeed.

Grant me the gift of Language, please,

so I may speak

to all the other me’s…”

The Creator nodded sagely,


“So let it be…”

***   ***   ***

And so the little soul found its Voice

at last

to speak of Love and Light

in both the Future and the Past.

And Now that little soul rests, content.


Speaking only every once in a while,

but always listening.

Knowing that the Word can spread

from One soul to the next;

that each can choose to add their Voice

or let It pass


“What will we choose?,”

the little soul Wonders

almost to its self…

“To raise our Song in celebration

for what we have accomplished?

Or to sing a Song of mourning

for what we’ve left undone?”

And while we struggle to decide

that little soul bears witness:


that spark of the Creator

that lives within

the Heart of each

and every one of us…


© Lisa R. Palmer, 2016






17 thoughts on ““The Little Soul…”

  1. I really liked the idea of the mask revealing more than it hides. That was powerful. Wish I wrote that. Haha. The whole thing was damn beautiful. Enjoyed the back and forth between the little Voice and Creator. If you don’t mind, I would like to add that I am grateful for everything the creator has done and given me. God Bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How wonderful that you should connect to it so! Truth is, I cried all through the writing of it… 🙂

      Funny thing is, I finally found my way to your site after posting this, and while I was reading your thoughts, it occurred to me that this piece might well apply to you. Another “little soul” has found her voice!

      Synchronicity can be a wonderful thing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cosmic synchronicity!

        I love your poems, read several before figuring out how to comment, so I will be reading a lot today.

        Thank you so much! It is truly
        wonderful to connect with other writers, other poets. Xxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is indeed wonderful to connect with like-minded souls wherever we find them, but here at WordPress, we seem to be gathering en masse. Lol!

        So glad to have you here, lovely lady! Alas, I must go to work, but please hang out and enjoy yourself. I will leave the fire lit and the coffee on…

        Hope you like dogs and cats… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Have a good day! This is my day off from my usual babysitting, so thank you!

        I am in a few wonderful groups at FB, yet only one of them feels as inviting as this here. Xxxx

        I love dogs and cats. Have a couple cars myself.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on the otherhood of one and commented:

    I don’t usually reblog my own work, but I was led back to this piece by someone rummaging through my archives (yay!). It moved me in a new way, and so I felt compelled to share it again. Special thanks to whomever led me back to it, as I had totally forgotten its existence. 🙂


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