Another Time Glitch…

Ok, so I posted something this morning before leaving for work, that I actually wrote last spring.  For those who follow me by email, you must have received it, because some of you responded.  However, when I came on tonight to respond to comments, I couldn’t find it…

After some searching, and clicking around my site, I finally found the post, supposedly published on Oct. 28, 2015…


I know you’re probably sick of hearing me say it, but I’ve always had issues with Time…  lol!

I also have issues posting links, but hopefully this one will take you to today’s post if you’re interested…



2 thoughts on “Another Time Glitch…

  1. I’ve been having posting issues too but mostly from the wordpress app (for Android). Most of my posts are written via the wordpress app. But before a post can go live I have to edit both via the app and the full website to get the desired visual effects.

    The app allows me to use single spacing for my poems (which the full site does not) but does not have features like the horizontal line , featured image, alignment. So for these I have to go to the website.

    Pictures added via the app are bunched together on the website even if I insert a space so I have to go back to the app and enter the HTML code for extra space to make sure the spacing is correct across the board.

    Posting via the app is iffy. The time or date is always off. Or sometimes I enter the time and date to schedule a post and it goes live immediately. Sometimes I don’t realize this has happened until I seen comments rolling in. Then I cringe as sometimes the post isn’t quite finished. I might have wanted to schedule it to post on a specific day to remind me to finish it on time for publish date. Imagine how mortifying it has been to know unfinished work has gone live. A few times I had to make quick updates to save face or on a few occasions just pull a piece off the board by sending it to trash. I’ve found I get more publishing accuracy when I do it from the website. Thankfully my smartphone has a large screen so the full website is easy to navigate.

    There’s certainly a learning curve when using wordpress, it’s just a matter of having the time to play around with it. Just know you are certainly not alone on these issues.

    Good luck!

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  2. Thanks for the input! I usually have to have all 3 of my devices handy to push through and publish lately. I do everything on the full website, but I find that when typing with my phone, I get random re-formatting issues (where the text just suddenly moves to a different place); on my tablet, the auto-save function doesn’t work at all, nor is there any option to manually save; and on my laptop, I often have trouble finding my posts, as they switch folders and publication dates frequently… lol!

    But it’s really good to know I’m not alone. I genuinely thought I was progressing backwards down the technology timeline, with an inverse learning curve… 🙂


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