For those of you who have commented today: WordPress has decided that I am allowed to “like” comments, sometimes, but I am not allowed to reply, mostly…

Whether in the post screen, or in my notifications, I am allowed to write a reply, but when I hit “send”, they disappear…

This is true on all three of my devices: phone, laptop and tablet…

Perhaps they will show up at some other time, but I am too tired to search for them now…

So let me say a general “thank you,” and tell you I will try again tomorrow, when, perhaps things will be working normally again…  🙂


7 thoughts on “commenting…

  1. Hopefully, your comments will turn up. Your posts turn up OK on my email. I imagine you’ve checked your settings to make sure something isn’t clicked off. I don’t know how this stuff works, I just go by trial and error. I think some of my comments, or other peoples’ comments get lost for me too. My problem is, I can’t locate that infamous “spam” folder I hear about. How does one access that? From which back door? Don’t know, can’t find it.

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    • Lol! I don’t know how any of this works, either Sha’Tara! I didn’t change any settings intentionally; that much I know…

      As for the spam folder, I accidentally came across it a couple times. Seems to me, it was either in my “dashboard” or under WP Admin. Look for something labelled “akismet” or something like that. I’ve actually discovered non-spam comments there on the days I tripped over it…


      • Yes, that’s resolved and I didn’t find any “incriminating” comments in spam. The way there was spelled out here by… oops… ? Who? Whom? But I read it, I commented on it, and I have “The Way to Spam” written down (and out). I don’t think it’ll make much of a novel though… Maybe I need a new title: “The WordPress Way to Spam” and then some dyslexic reader will think it says, “The WordPress Way to Spain” and tell me to get a map! Some people just don’t know to mind their own beeswax, do they. Get a map, indeed. I Googled Spam on Google maps: it doesn’t exist. It’s fiction, don’t you get it? Fiction (as LOUD as I can yell through the mall)! And all eyes turned to me and I was, like, famous, just for a moment, really like, totally cool!

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      • OMGoddess!! You are too funny, dear Sha’Tara! I’m so there with you in the mall, thinking, “just one of the many benefits of aging; we can say what we think, and people just don’t know how to respond…”

        Thanks for the giggles!


    • Lol! Indeed! And, lucky for me, I didn’t crash our work server until the end of the day, so mostly it was ok…

      I have had people at work comment on how computers go haywire around me, lights flash or go out, weird noises and shadows gather near my work area (whether I’m there or not), and batteries drain abnormally fast. Needless to say, they like to keep me away from registers (I interfere with the credit card machines), the portable telephones, and the R/C demo devices… lol!

      But that’s only on those really interesting days… 😉

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