How important is it?…

So…  yesterday was weird, on so very many levels.  Not sure if the glitches resolved themselves, but I have to work today, and it’s blizzarding out, so I will have to wait to find out.  Still, I wanted to share… something. (No, not worked out.  Took me several tries to even write, much less publish this.  Lol!)

My card of the day yesterday was Loneliness, and it speaks of needing to distinguish between feelings of loneliness and just being alone, where alone time is spent on inner work.  Not a problem, since I value alone time usually.  Besides, two things I very rarely feel is lonely or bored; so rarely, in fact, that when they do occur, and I manage to identify them, I am too fascinated to remain either bored or lonely.  Lol!

I knew that my “fun” friends were all off yesterday, so I would be alone most of the day, but I read several things here which I knew would keep me intrigued all day, so I was actually looking forward to it…  Of particular interest to me was the “power” of finding one’s Voice (a topic showing up in many people’s posts lately), and a question of how souls might function according to the principles of quantum physics (thank you Elusive Trope and David James Horn!).  Fun stuff to keep me occupied while working!

The day went well; I worked hard and enjoyed myself.  Time flew by.  Then I came home, where everything was simply “off”…  Time issues, computer issues, strange visitations, and text messages from friends also experiencing weird phenomena and wanting my input (I’m kind of the go-to person in my groups for “weird,” especially if someone needs validation.  I believe and I don’t judge their perceptions.)

Finally, frustrated beyond belief, and a little freaked out by what was happening (which also rarely occurs, as I’m quite comfortable navigating through unusual experiences), I gave up and went to bed.  And I dreamed…

In the dream, I’d lost my Voice, in a sense, for I could only communicate with the outside world via public announcements (like press releases and tv interviews) or through a single non-verbal gesture, a thumbs up. (Not hard to figure out where this dream came from.  Lol!)  I was incredibly frustrated because I had things to say, to individuals, which were not appropriately expressed through either of the options available to me…

Towards the end of the dream, I was in bed with my lover, trying to get a very personal message to him about sex, but the thumbs up gesture wasn’t even close to what I needed to say.  (Lol!)  So I was doing a tv interview, trying to “speak” to him in code, but I could see him through the tv screen, and he wasn’t even listening to the interview.  I was so frustrated, I woke up…

And it occurred to me as I woke that I felt truly alone, cut off, as it were, from individual others.  And I grieved the loss of my Voice, feeling like I had so much more to say that would now never be said, at least not by me…

So I had to ask my self, “how important is it, really, Lisa?”  Silence is golden, they say, and usually I agree, but frankly it sucks today!  Just sayin’…

So, as a last resort, and just in case this situation does not resolve itself in my favor, I am making the “public announcement” that you all matter greatly to me!  Because that really is important for me to say before I leave…

And as a P.S., it will likely be my only communication until tonight, as one of the actually-happening weirdnesses is that I am draining batteries near me again.  Happens every once in a while, which is one reason I don’t wear a watch.  Electronics in general seem to be suffering immense interference in my presence, so internet and phone are out; I have to save my phone battery for emergencies, as I’m about to go drive in the snow…

Until later, hopefully…  🙂  I am thinking about all of you today and wishing I could play…



14 thoughts on “How important is it?…

  1. Draining batteries too, huh? 🙂 I resolved my problem by getting one of those battery packs (about the size of a phone) and a short cord which I keep in a bag, far enough away from my body that it doesn’t go dead. I get 2 or 3 recharges out of it, and it works as soon as I plug the phone in even if the phone battery is completely dead. Well, you have to beat the technology somehow. I notice you know the difference between being alone, and loneliness. I love being alone: that’s when I get to travel in my own worlds and things are quite different there. The experience of not being able to communicate normally with your “Earthian” friends is to be expected, since you were mentally in a different dimension and your “Voice” there is telepathic. My take. Enjoy the day!

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  2. In a time where i was growing up since my high school days, there was a boy band from ’80 spoke to me then and now. A track from their album “October”.
    A-ha was and will always speak to me as a good advisor in my life.

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    • I’ve been working with this energy a lot lately, primarily in terms of losing my “voice”. Just this morning I wrote a whole post, went to preview it, and it was gone… All but the opening line anyway. Feeling isolated in my enforced silence, but clearly now is not the time for me to speak…

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      • For me it was 4 days of congestion. First my mind was clouded, then my throat, last night was a true congestion. I couldnt really breathe anymore. My wife told me and at least tried to pamper me with so much food. I ate too much. Now i am full again with hope for everything. Dont isolate the problem my dear Lady Palmer. See where your problems lie, track it and see to the real cause of he dillema then attack it head on.

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