Poetry, Reflections

“A Step Beyond…”

There is a bridge before me

spanning a Great Unknown.

Shrouded in mists, a mystery

calling me Beyond.

I cannot see what the chasm holds

for the clouds are beneath my feet,

nor can I see where the bridge ends

for distance foils me.

The bridge itself sparkles and shimmers,

though no Light lives here save my own.

Like wet glass, it appears, to the eyes of my soul…

Or ice, perhaps…  a slippery slope.

Is it wisdom or folly that has brought me here?

Is it danger or fate that awaits?

The specter of Self-Doubt snickers and leers…

The promise of Fulfillment beckons and fades.

My body is rigid, my eyes locked forward,

memory my only guide back.

I know now this choice will be forced, if necessary…

Consequences willed and enacted…

Fear touches me, briefly,

a hint and a sigh…

Is this an adventure appealing?

Or is it a final good-bye?

A breeze gently passes, whispering my name…

“O’LeaRa…  O’LeaRa…,” the wind seems to say.

“You are stalling… Hesitating…”

“Are you coming?… We are waiting…”

Lifting my chin, along with my foot

mortal pain lances through

reminding me of my daily grind,

and I know what I will choose…

I place my weight upon that bridge

wondering if it will hold…?

Step by painful, careful step

I move beyond what I have known…

Puddles form beneath my feet and I cannot help but smile.

“Ice, then,” I tell myself, “melting the path behind.”

One mystery solved, I realize, and countless more ahead.

The journey’s but a series of little births and deaths.

Raising my voice to carry across Time,

eager to share with All, I shout:

“A bridge is a bridge, except when it isn’t…

That’s what this Lesson’s about!”

***   ***   ***

Life is a gift, Love is a prism,

A body a soul’s private prison.

Keep your humor, find your balance,

trust your instincts, seek your way.

Believe in your self and your choices.

Listen closely to all of your voices.

And when you are done, your searching complete,

you and I may meet…

For I will be there, on the Other Side,

eager to learn where you’ve been!










12 thoughts on ““A Step Beyond…”

  1. Emjoyed this piece. I am curious about your interpretation. My initial thinking of a person not confident in themselves and battling their uncertainties as they move forward in their life. At another point, I had the feeling of fighting the daily grind of life. Absolutely loved this line —> “Life is a gift, Love is a prism,” Also adore your description of the journey being little lifes and deaths. That was truly amazing.

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    • Interesting question! I think it’s about evolution, at least at the soul level, moving beyond the day to day grind into a whole new state of Being. At least that’s kinda where my head was at at the time. But it was after 2am, and I just had a hell of a work week… lol! Not to mention electronics issues all week… 🙂

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  2. I realize the word “powerful” is overused in comments, but if the shoe fits… Powerful write. Quote: “Life is a gift, Love is a prism, A body a soul’s private prison. Keep your humor, find your balance, trust your instincts, seek your way. Believe in your self and your choices. Listen closely to all of your voices.”
    Those words basically describe my own life’s motto and that’s how I discovered that compassion is our key to self-empowerment, freedom, understanding… all the truly great things we aspire to and so seldom achieve.

    Roger’s right: that’s a song – it’s an ode. It would make a fantastic piece in a music video. Wish I knew someone who does YouTube stuff. Reminds me a bit of some of Blackmore’s Night lyrics. (See Blackmore’s Night on YouTube)

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    • “compassion is our key to self-empowerment, freedom, understanding”… Words to live by, Sha’Tara!

      I will have to check out Blackmore’s Night, if I can get YouTube to cooperate…

      Thanks for being here! I so love your presence and your wisdom! (P.S. I have some catch up reading to do now that my devices are sort of willing to work with me again… :D)


  3. writeupmyalleyblog says:

    I really love your work. I always feel a sense of honesty and resilience in it, and it is truly inspiring. You are talented with poetry and prose and probably everything that begins with a pen in your hand! This piece makes me want to toss my dirty aprons behind and just go follow my heart;)

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    • Thank you so much for these words! I find there is so much wonderful support here that encourages honest work, and allows us to be our selves. You are an important part of this network!

      And, for the record, I strongly encourage any adventure that starts in the heart! Want me to hold your aprons for you? 🙂


  4. Id like to see the other side, as we await for that moment where we all have our good rest and company of our own. Can we wait til then, or must all we have to do what is necessary to see what needs to be done. Believing is very good but we need to act and see if it works or not.

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