Now for something totally different (at least for me… lol!)

What some of you might not know about me is that I have a chronic, progressive, undiagnosed pain condition, focused mostly in my lower joints and nerves.  It is undiagnosed because the doctors I was seeing were unable to determine its cause, and I finally gave up on them…

What it means for me is that I am always in some degree of pain, to a lesser or greater degree, affecting mostly my lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Some days the pain is so intense that I can hardly walk, and it’s been several years since I could dance or hike (two of my favorite pastimes).  Occasionally the nerves in my back and legs cause spasms, or a sudden buckling of the legs, making falling a real risk for me.  And falling would be a very bad thing, since my knees don’t work well enough for me to get up on my own.  Add to that the fact that bending at the knees and waist can sometimes be excruciating, or outright impossible, and you understand that I am physically challenged…

I don’t tell you this seeking sympathy; I accept this about myself.  I try not to complain too much.  I have chosen to keep my job throughout, which involves standing for 8-10 hours a day, moving boxes, unloading trucks… things I shouldn’t be doing, probably, but I love my job!  And my co-workers look out for me, helping when they can, checking on me from time to time, escorting me to my car on really bad days, in case I fall in the parking lot, etc…

Every year it gets worse, and the things I can do physically become more limited.  I try to keep a sense of humor about it all, and carry on.  I am only sharing this with you now to give you context for what I really want to share: a personal victory that proves to me, at least, that we are capable of amazing things, especially when we work together…

I have missed two days of work this week because of an unexpected snowstorm that struck here on Monday, dumping two feet of heavy, wet snow.  Now, snow shovelling is not something I can do this year, but with no money to pay for a plow, I didn’t have much choice if I was ever going to get back to work…

So this morning during meditation. I made a point of digging my roots deep into the Earth, seeking strength, endurance and resiliency…  And then I went out to shovel.  What follows is the pictorial story of my progress…

Bottom line, though, is that I did it!!  I worked slowly, shovelful by shovelful, enjoying myself.  The crows came out to chat with me and keep me company. The weather remained pleasant, and my mind was free to wander at will, while my body labored away…

It took me 6-8 hours all together, in small, steady increments, but I am officially dug out!  And sharing that progress with friends today, who then sent me Love and strength, made it a true community effort, even if I was the only one wielding a shovel…

So now I share it with you; proof that we can do almost anything we set our minds to, if we have trust and love for ourselves, the support of others, and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other…


27 thoughts on ““Victory!!!…”

  1. Slow steady and keep your ears blasting with a good music on and it will keep you warm and very very cozy and in your bed tonight, all that bs diagnosis will come out just a stressed md banter. Sometimes it “us” do something about our ailments not the other people’s didactic chatter.

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  2. Victory indeed. Way to go Lisa. Too bad you don’t live in my neighbourhood, you’d never have to worry about finding someone to shovel your snow 🙂 But then, you wouldn’t have any snow, come to think about it – just the liquid stuff and that shovels itself. I tried to cheat and read a license plate on those pictures to determine where you live but not a chance! The houses have an eastern seaboard look though, with their steep roofs and architecture. Just wondering…

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    • Good detective work, Sha’Tara! I live in Rochester, NY, right up on Lake Ontario. Well… I don’t live on the Lake, actually; that’s for people with money, but Rochester is on the Lake. I live in the city proper, near downtown… Although that’s probably way more info than you wanted! Lol! Thanks for the vote of support… 🙂


      • Only a hundred or less miles from Niagara Falls. You must have been there a few times? Rochester is about the size of Abbotsford, by the looks of the stats, maybe a bit bigger – twice the size of Chilliwack, where I live. The Great Lakes are known for their storms; you must have witnessed some good ones over the years! About that snow problem, I’m going to invent a self-melting snow for when I come back. Should make me famous with the North East folks… Just kidding – likely if trends continue, climate change may take care of your problem… while adding more to others. Isn’t it interesting that every time a problem is resolved somewhere, another, usually much worse, pops up somewhere else? When I was growing up, for example, in the north of Alberta, the problem was clearing the land fast enough to be able to plant and make a living. Now the planet’s environment is being threatened by deforestation and the use of pesticides and herbicides. Sixty years, that’s all it took to turn the whole thing around. People up north made fortunes on the rich clay soils when they were just opened up. Now nothing grows without chemicals and the soil is basically dead. Sixty years… unbelievable. And yet all thoughts in agri-business is towards more chemicals to support GMO crops. Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring was right about DDT but it’s a whole lot worse now, isn’t it. They banned DDT and invented worse chemicals such as Round Up. Well, it’s midnight your way, so I’ll shut up now. Take care o’ you.

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      • Yes, the Falls are beautiful; though the commercialism built around them is not. So many beautiful places (mostly State Parks and wildlife refuges) around me, all within easy reach. And yes, the Great Lakes are definitely game changers when it comes to snow production; here in Rochester, we get Lake Effect from Ontario and Erie…

        Sad to see how much damage we’ve done to our home in such a short period. I’ve often wondered if that’s why I chose to be “poor”? I mean, I work hard, and have what I need to get by, but it’s always been barely, or sometimes too little, too late. But I think I honestly fear how I might have become had money and power been mine….

        Always nice chatting with you, dear Sha’Tara! Have a wonderful day today! 🙂

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  3. Wow, that’s so terrific! Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable, sending you healing turquoise light to help, may your joints be soothed, may you sleep well tonight and awaken rejuvenated and feeling a bit better. May your good days increase and the bad days decrease.

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  4. That’s not nice at all. I’ve got a bit of a wonky knee these days which means dancing as I used to love it is now largely a memory, and I find that hard to deal with so goodness knows how you cope. Thank god for your abundant supply of guts and good hearted co-workers. They really can make the difference can’t they. Hopefully the doctors will finally discover what the ailment is and provide you with some relief. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. when I read about you digging out the snow yesterday I didn’t know about this problem. Now I realise how stoic and gutsy person you must be 🙂

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    • Thank you, Peter! I’ve always said stubborn, but my daughter recently used “tenacious” to descibe me; I think I like that better. Stubborn worked when I was just a redhead, but I’ve earned the white ones mixed in now, and tenacious seems more dignified somehow… 🙂 Thanks for sharing this moment of victory with me!

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  5. That was a major snowfall. Thanks for sharing these photos. Sorry, you had to dig yourself out. Regarding the write, I so relate to your pains. I had a life altering accident in January 2013. Every second of my life since then has been full of intense pain. But what can we do? Try and laugh it away. I will add your chronic condition to my prayers. I wish you LESS painful days. Take care.

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