Poetry, Reflections

“Riding the ‘Crazy’ Train…”

I’m riding the “crazy” train today

gaining speed with every thought

every twist and turn of my attention

accelerating this journey I’m on…

Blurred shapes pass by my wondering eyes

coincidences abound

synchronicity laying the track I’m following

just seconds before they are found.

Ahh… Time!

My familiar nemesis!

I cannot win for losing you

but in doing so, I do!

Time is running out, they tell me…

But for whom, they do not say.

The hourglass near empty now…

Days merging into one.

The train I ride still speeding up

assaulted by color, light and sound

so many pretty possibilities

in Chaos they are bound

and found…

Create the day

make it mine

share it freely

reality defined…

Hop aboard?

Come join the fun?

Creation calls…

And we are One!



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