If I could change the world today in one small or significant way, what would I choose to do?…

There is so much pain, suffering and joy to be found, that it’s hard to know where to begin…

I think, and feel, that if there was only one thing I could change for this one day, then it would be to to remove that sense of isolation we all feel…

Perhaps if we owned our Unity for even one day, then we would naturally gravitate towards celebrating “our” joys and victories, and resolving “our” fear-based conflicts, all for “our” own Good…

What about you? Β One day, one action… What would you do (WWYD)?

Have a blessed, creative day today, my friends, and know that you are in my thoughts as I toil away… Β πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on ““WWYD?…”

  1. Being the penultimate loner, I had never considered that “a sense of isolation” was ever a problem. The observation is legitimate: we are indeed isolated – not only from one-another but from the rest of nature. There’s an unbridgeable gap. Are we meant to bridge that gap? Do we need to? And if we did span it, should it be a momentary thing, just enough to get a taste of it, or should it be a permanent condition of the new human?
    I’ve muddled with these things a lot. As Peter says, loneliness is the more painful in the company of others – that’s isolation, the awareness that you can interact with those others only on a very shallow, bland level, like watching the drier window at the Laundromat. Actually the drier offers better options of changing shapes and juxtaposition of colours.
    Your thought goes on from bridging isolation to unity and that to me is truly scary. If breaking isolation means entering into unity, I’ll always choose isolation. I’ve seen too much unity and experienced too many results of the united we stand. Perhaps you meant a different kind of unity, one that allows us to see one another, not one that binds?

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    • An interesting perspective, my friend… I guess what I meant was to dissolve the ego – that which separates us from each other – thus allowing us to be One once more. But that, of course, comes from my own personal belief that we are already One being living in myriad forms, and that our ego (our little self) prevents us from truly connecting with each other, or recognizing our Self in each Other…

      Thanks for offering this intriguing interpretation! πŸ™‚


    • So you’re a peacemaker, too? Why does that not surprise me? Lol!

      A true poet has a mind capable of grasping the subtlest shades and nuances, a heart capable of encompassing an ocean full of tides and tumultuous emotions, and a soul that embraces All; for it is in these qualities that a Muse finds fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of inspiration…

      You, sir, have all three, and are clearly cherished by the Muses…

      Just sayin’… πŸ˜‰

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  2. If I could change the world today in one small or significant way, what would I choose to do?…”
    It made me think. I think to change the world hypocrisy should be unveiled. It is then we could seek change, and have faith in change.

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  3. I have often thought that to relieve the problems of the world, we (mankind) need to suddenly, and simultaneously forget the past, history, hurts and grievances. And start anew, blinded by Love and not Hate.

    Just a thought that won’t happen…

    My mother said to me once. “To be happy, you need a really short memory about grievances. To be a parent/wife/husband, you need an even shorter one. Only remember the good.”

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    • Love this! It’s another strong justification for simply “living in the moment”. I remember reading somewhere (can’t recall the source right now – lol!) that “I don’t carry resentments because I have enough heavy stuff to carry around. Besides, grudges aren’t a good look for me.” It made me laugh, but clearly stuck with me…

      Well thought out, Elizabeth! And thank you so much for sharing! I feel inspired… πŸ™‚

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  4. Your idea on isolation and something that restores people’s faith in humanity. Like a cheerful smile or a kind gesture to remind people that not everyone we meet is bad or is trying to use us.

    Honesty would be great; no wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Something like this could destroy your trust forever.

    Be blessed.
    – Christine xoxo

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