Poetry, Reflections


Inky shadows slither near

revealing jade green eyes

graceful movement


pure Silence for the ears…

Fur so soft and sensual

it takes my breath away

calming, soothing…

every stroke relieving me

of pain and stress today.

Heart to heart you purr for me

vibration stirring every cell

no words are necessary

or wanted now

as closeness expresses itself.

So different we are my faithful friend

such an uncommon connection we share

different species even

truly bonded

yet Love still makes us One…


18 thoughts on ““Shilo…”

    • They are amazing, aren’t they? Sometimes I just look at him lying near me and think how lucky I am, knowing he is not collared, tethered or caged, yet he still chooses to be with me… Of course, he is no doubt spoiled with regular feedings and a warm, dry place to live, but I prefer to think it has more to do with the company. Lol!

      Good to see you here, Peter. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

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