Yesterday I saw two suns in the western sky…

I might have thought I had imagined it, but I was not alone…


It seemed to be the moon, but not, for the moon should have been in the east…

And so it was…


Should I have been frightened, to see such an unexpected sight?…

Should I have been worried about what it might signify?…


I wasn’t, of course, just curious and awed, I guess…

And eager to share the news…


Feeling excited, elated, for no apparent reason…

Knowing what I’ve always known has been true…


Embracing my self in this Otherhood we share…

Coming to terms with the Dual…

Paradox played out with an external flair…

Expressing our One-ness in two’s…


* Photo taken March 20, 2016 outside of work.  The actual sunlight had begun to obscure the unexpected Twin by the time I thought to get the camera out, so what I could clearly see with my polarized sunglasses is not so apparent to my camera’s lens.  But the object is there, slightly to the right of and below the actual sun; a glowing full disc reminiscent of the sun and moon.  It could merely have been the sun itself behind the clouds, but later, another and I saw it again, this time with the real sun clearly delineated beside it…  Make of it what you will… 🙂

2016-03-21 23.00.10



15 thoughts on ““Duality…”

  1. Try as I might, I only see the outline of one sun through the center cloud. An evocative image. On the 19th at about noon there was a well-pronounced rainbow ring around the sun here, and well-defined sun dogs. That’s so common I didn’t even think of taking a picture. For us, all that means is the weather is changing, from clear skies to rolling in rain clouds, usually from the West (the Pacific ocean) only about 60 miles away. Before closing the comment I scrolled back up to scan the picture again – still that second sun eludes me completely. Maybe I need a larger screen? 🙂 Better not think like that, I don’t need any more excuses to buy another computer!!!

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    • Lol! But a new computer could be fun… The picture is poor, but the reality was awesome! And it’s quite likely some naturally occurring phenomenon. But it was still inspiring, and something I’ve never seen before. That makes it memorable in and of itself. Thanks for trying, and thus, sharing the moment with me. 🙂


      • OK, I do see something where you point to “sun” and of course I see the other disk below. On a strictly 3-D (non-spiritual) level, that phenomenon is usually associated with ice crystals in the cloud(s) instead of “liquid” moisture. On the esoteric level, the sky’s the limit and no interpretation can be either correct or incorrect. That’s why like yourself, I usually choose the cosmic take on things rather than the crassly materialistic, “scientific” dead point of view. Every “thing” has consciousness and sometimes we are privileged to be made a part of the game where “it” is just dying to communicate with us. I’ve known such innocent intimacy from plants and certain animals so poignant, it was quasi embarrassing. I think you captured one of those “sacred” moments and it may well be that it was meant just for YOU! 🙂 Of course it is, again in my opinion, commendable that you would attempt to share that intimate moment with others – spread the love as they say! Thank you.

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      • I love this explanation of consciousness, for it captures precisely the “feeling” of moments like this! You always have a way of getting right to the heart of things, Sha’Tara; it is but one of the many things I admire about you. Thank you! For being here, for being you… for being forthright always… 🙂


      • I suppose you would understand the underlying nature here, because, if I read previous posts correctly, you also identify with “service” as your life’s purpose. We who choose to serve rather than use, are usually “here” for others; it’s not so much a conscious or deliberate act but rather the end result of a state of beingness. Difficult to put this in words but I sense you will understand what I’m fumbling about to express. In short, it’s not “personal” or “special,” it’s what we are or have become… or are becoming… perhaps all of that because of some choice we made when we came to that fork in the road of life. Don’t feel as if you have to respond to this, I’m just muttering… and thank you for your kind response.

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  2. Having one foot in the science camp I never cease to marvel at the visual permutations the cosmos brings to us. Having the other foot in the….errr….Other Worldy camp I love the perspective you brought to this. Works for me on both levels. Well done, love the literary and physical imagery

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