I tried to meditate this morning, as I always do, but was unable to “complete” my usual routine.  I felt so much energy flowing through my body that it made me nauseous and dizzy…

Which is odd, because the energy I felt was a strong dose of Love, and Light and Healing; hardly the kind of energy that should make me feel unbalanced…

And that’s when it occurred to me that the Love I felt was coming to me, not through me…

Someone(s) were sending me large doses of Love and Light, and it was clearly reaching me.  So I opened myself consciously to that energy, and felt an amazing warmth course through me, easing my pain as it washed through.  And I feel physically better right now than I have felt in years.  Seriously!

So I don’t know who is “responsible” for this gift today. It might have been one (or more) of my many loving friends, both old and new.  It could have come from some Divine source.  It could have come from the Earth Herself, as she wakes from Her winter slumber.  It might have been from the spirits of those I’ve loved and lost.  It might even have been an “inside” job…

Then again, it might not have been directed specifically at me; perhaps that energy is flowing for all of us today.  That, of course, is my hope and wish: that All might partake of this Warmth and Healing…

And so, to that end, I am making this post.  And in this post I am declaring publicly my deeply felt Gratitude for this blessed moment of relief.  Regardless of its Source, I want you to know, it is received, and honored, and appreciated!

And so I am passing it on to all of you who read these words…  And to all whom I might cross paths with today…  And to all who cross my mind today…

And I’m asking you to simply receive it, feel it, and let it flow on.  Let each of us become a conduit today for this magnificent healing Love and Light.  And may it bring Peace to the troubled and pained, and Hope to those lost in our world…

This is my prayer of Gratitude today…



16 thoughts on “Gratitude…

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love hearing this experience and what your beautiful heart expresses in sharing it, I am so happy you received this gift! You are LOVED! Ben was blessed with a healing last night for a bug he was fighting, and I felt a sense of divine love around it. His high fever broke so quickly…I feel the loving energy, and I too will not only appreciate it, but pass it on. I can’t think of a better task for this Good Friday. Thank you Lisa!

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    • Oh, Bonnie, I am so glad Ben is feeling better! It was an amazing experience, and I am even more grateful to know it was not an isolated one…

      And you, my dear, ARE Love! You spread the goodness eevery day, so I trust you will be a blessed conduit for this energy… Thank you!


  2. Gratitude. One of the great states to be in.

    One thought popped into my mind. There is the practice of Toglen Meditation, during which the person purpose is to breathe in suffering, and breath out compassion. So maybe what you were experiencing was breath of those few who have the capacity to breath in the suffering the world, and then to breath out compassion to people like you and me. Gratitude for those blessed souls.

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    • Indeed! I am unfamiliar with this practice, but very grateful there are those practicing it to such effect. We all deserve Love and Compassion; what a blessing to know there are those who live and breathe them for the world every day. It gives me hope once more, and mine was running very low of late…

      Thanks for sharing this! I will include these practioners in my thoughts today, so some of this goodness may return to them as individuals… 🙂

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      • I had forgotten about this specific practice of meditation until your post jarred it loose. Reading your response, your gratitude, has me thinking that maybe when I think of striving in my meditation practice that it is to strive to further along enough that I can have the strength to be one of those who can breath in other’s suffering rather than just struggling to let mine go. 🙂 Peace.

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    • Thank you! It was amazing, to be sure! I was able to take normal sized steps for the first time in many years, as my hips unlocked and moved freely in their sockets. I was able to completely straighten my spine. I was able to stretch!! (The cat in me was purring for that one! Lol!)

      Turns out, I had no idea how much pain I was actually in until it was gone… I wanted to walk in the woods. I wanted to dance… Of course, I had to work instead, but even that was so much more pleasant!

      Sorry… rambling here. 🙂 I hope you have a blessed holiday weekend, sir…

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