Or be wary, at least; that is my message today…

I had a visit from Coyote the other day, with whom I have not interacted in many years.  While I was thrilled to encounter him again, I nonetheless felt my awareness sharpening, for Coyote teachings are tricky things.  More often than not, the “lesson” he brings is not immediately apparent, revealing itself only after the fact, and quite often, after some uncomfortable occurrence…

My immediate response to seeing him was to tell myself that “things are not what they appear to be,” usually a safe assumption.  But the messages that accompanied his appearance involved “balance,” particularly between work and fun, and a reminder to get the “work” done in a timely fashion, rather than procrastinating…

It seemed an odd message to coincide with Coyote’s appearance, but I thought perhaps his lessons had evolved as I have…

Silly me…  Never question the Trickster’s message, as it remains consistent, always, no matter how obscured…

Since that day, I have come across several seeming well-meaning articles, purporting to bring a message of Light, only to find myself questioning them; the words were all “correct,” but the “feeling” of those words was not…

It was kind of like the difference between denotative and connotative meaning, which is a concept I was recently trying to explain to a non-native English speaker, who has a hard time grasping the subtle distinction.  Yes, words have meanings, denotative meanings, which you can learn as vocabulary and look up in a dictionary.  But they also carry connotative weight, those feelings we associate with them that can determine the mood of any written or spoken work.  And to further complicate things, there are common connotations, and personal ones, as well…

In the articles I’m talking about, the words used were correct on both levels, meaning they should have engendered a feeling of validation, that “yeah, I get that” feeling; instead, I found myself re-reading sections over and over, looking for the phrase that made me question the validity of everything being said.  I never found it, but my reaction was solid and consistent each time; it just didn’t “feel” right…

Today, Coyote came to me again in meditation, followed by another such off-putting articles, and finally followed by a fellow blogger’s inspirational quote of the day from Thoreau about “goodness tainted” (thank you, Eddie Two Hawks), and I realized that Coyote’s message is the same this time as it has always been: be aware, things are not what they seem…

It reminds me of the Norse Rune Hagalaz, and the Tower card in the Tarot, where good things come out of seemingly tragic occurrences; there is an inverse relationship between our perceptions and the Truth.  In other words, our senses perceive accurately, but our expectations lead us to false conclusions.  Kind of like the axiom about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and not realizing it’s a train coming.

Trust your gut today, your intuition, your heart, for it is much more trustworthy than your mind today…

So my warning to all of you who “hear” this message is this: this is the Shadow’s time, so be wary of trusting anything too insistent that it is Light, for if you choose to stare into the blinding light, you may find that what you are witnessing is the explosion that blinds us All to the Truth…

It reminds me of something I once penned when working with Coyote long ago, posted once before, but re-shared today:

When in the Dark

take Heart


and seek the Light to grow.

When the light you find

is too bright

and you’re blinded

seek refuge in the Shadow…

(circa 1990-91)


24 thoughts on ““Beware…”

  1. [quote] our senses perceive accurately, but our expectations lead us to false conclusions. Kind of like the axiom about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and not realizing it’s a train coming.[unquote] “Injecting” a personal perspective here, because we are made up of “spirit,” or life-source, mind and body, we need all aspects of awareness to function, and not only to function, that’s a necessary but non-evolving exercise, but to develop ourselves. Our senses may perceive accurately for the body (and in my experience that is debatable because when lacking in previous experience (when the programming is lacking) senses become useless in preventing accidents, catastrophe or disaster). Senses cannot help us unite ourselves or perceive ourselves holistically. I am always suspicious of physical senses and rely rather upon mental input, or consciousness, for decision-making. This only works only with an “adult” mind already developed to take over from the physical as death approaches; prepared for the inevitable transition from senses to mental existence for however “long” that must be until the next incarnation. That’s the self-empowered, independent mind free of Earthian beliefs, constraints and “childish” short-termed expectations. Your Coyote seems a wise spirit for the sphere it operates in.
    I know what you mean about articles purporting to expound about “light” and being nothing more than unchecked egotistical “new agey” psycho-babble. I could name many quite popular authors of such whom people love to parrot and quote. I have also known many who buy their clap-trap and rely on their teachings and I have observed the non-results; more often, the negative results. They are mind shrinkers who sweeten their malarkey with just enough truth so the unwary will swallow the whole swill.

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    • Agreed… I love the way you explain this…

      It’s odd, really, because I do not usually feel compelled to interfere in other souls’ learning, and certainly not by issuing “warnings” of any kind, since I believe we each learn best by living the lessons we create. But there was something so…

      I don’t know, maybe this was just another “failed” test for me, in keeping with the Trickster energy; one in which I projected my own lesson out into the world and claimed it was universal…

      Hmm… will have to ponder. Coyote always brings deep, ego-altering lessons to me…

      Thanks, Sha’Tara! 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. Just another point of view, that’s all. Your Coyote spirit reminds me of Loki in Norse mythology. I think that all “mythologies” encompass at least one “Trickster” – the one who goes against the rules, violates the “eternal” dictates of the powerful gods and makes a life of pain and sorrow apparently dictated by the powerful gods agaist man, more bearable. Much of what the Trickster god does involves stealth. The Trickster is the eternal rebel shadow in us all; the one who finally raises that middle finger and plots ways to defeat the totalitarian mind of Collective Belief. I call it self-empowerment (you knew I’d work that in there somehow, didn’t you! 🙂 ) because in that state we begin to realize all the different ways the Powerful Gods, (and we’re being crushed under their greed now) steal our wherewithal, our very life energy. People today are not getting sick because their bodies are weak, in fact our bodies have been amazingly resilient to the chemical and technological onslaught they’ve been subjected to this last century and increasingly worse in this one; people are getting sicker because they are being sucked dry to feed the “divine” elites. Through various means, but mostly through fear and propaganda, they suck living energy from billions to keep themselves alive. Ever wonder why they “tolerate” earth’s over-population when they could easily destroy most of it? Ever wonder why just planned attrition kills over 50,000 humans a day, mostly young children and young mothers? They are the sacrificial victims of the “gods” – the powerful. I learned this from my own decades of wandering the spiritual cosmic wildernesses with my own “Tricksters” and they taught me well. Periodically I still hear coyotes howl in the dark fields bordering the Hope river that runs behind the house here. Then I know that “it ain’t over until it’s over.”
        Have a great day!

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      • No, it ain’t over yet by a long shot! Lol!

        I love this… I was actually thinking about Loki when writing this, and especially while reading the comments, and I, too, realized that every mythos has a Trickster. What I couldn’t explain, even to myself, is why I so eagerly embrace the Trickster, in spite of the personal ego-pounding he often brings. Your words answer that mystery for me, especially this part:

        “The Trickster is the eternal rebel shadow in us all; the one who finally raises that middle finger and plots ways to defeat the totalitarian mind of Collective Belief. I call it self-empowerment…”

        Yes! Just yes! Thank you, Sha’Tara… 🙂


  2. Actually, I do believe your trickster warning is quite timely in this year of purification. I love that you compared Hagalaz – the Norse Rune of destruction (which isn’t a bad thing but must occur before new beginnings) and the Tarot Tower card to Mr. Coyote, the Kokopelli, sacred Fool.

    I love how Jamie Sams says in her medicine cards that coyote gets run over by a steam roller, collects himself and brushes off the dust and asks himself, “Was that really a steam roller?” and goes out into the road and gets run over again. And yet he always survives.

    Coyote medicine has been a big part of my own and my family’s life. One of the teachers I listened to recently actually has the job of being Chief Trickster at Coyote Network News, Caroline . . . (last names slip from me, it’s in my notes). She combines astrology, mythology and political activism for a delightfully stimulating approach to spirituality.

    I also love how Ralph Blum (author of one of books on Runes) says about our problems and obstacles actually being our teachers, guides and allies.

    Frog sings the songs which clean off the dust of the long and winding road and reminds us to nourish ourselves with eating and wearing lots of greens and soak in nice long baths. I am guided to remind you of Frog Medicine as you are overcoming so much. If you get what chance to walk barefoot on the new Spring grass, that’s quite grounding as well.

    And the crystal grid I made for families last night is also to help us all ground as Coyote is gonna be making his appearance many times throughout the huge changes we are going through and will continue to go through. What an honor to be incarnated during these auspicious times!

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  3. I too have noticed many teachers who profess to be sharing Light and have found that their desire for making oodles of money off their teachings a veil between these teachings and the Truth. Questioning everything is a good place for us to begin to find true wisdom! If my writings ever sound as if I have found the answers that is not my intention. For I am a seeker, and as a person who practises healing arts I seek to simply assist my clients in relaxing so they can heal themselves more quickly. My crystals help a lot, I also use some of them as acupressure tools or simply energy conduits.

    Thank you for bringing up this is a time of Shadow. For if we fail to explore our own Shadows, we cannot walk authentically in our own Light. When I meditate and gaze upon my own inner Sun, I never look upon it directly for I don’t wish to be blinded, and I heed the story of Icarus well. I don’t wish my etheric wings to become melted off for flying too close to the Sun, that’s for sure.

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    • This is profound, Kamea, and I’m not saying that to cater to anyone’s ego. But this is one of those moments when the words and the feelings mesh to create a sense of Truth…

      I especially connect with the line, “For if we fail to explore our own Shadows, we cannot walk authentically in our own Light.” This, to me, is the essence of Coyote’s teachings…

      Thank you… 🙂

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  4. I feel your words, and I read, and reread, it three times to absorb your message and warning. The line that stood out the most to me was about seeking refuge in the dark.
    I write a lot about light and dark (usually in poetry and when my mind slows down), a dual nature within myself, and embracing both sides. I am a novice, or so it feels, in learning and reconciling within myself the dark and the light.
    This resonated with me, and I appreciate the message/warning through your post.
    ❤ Bonnie

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    • You are a being of such brilliant Light, Bonnie, that it shines through all that you do and say. But you are also brave, and real, and honest enough to grasp that all light creates and co-exists with shadow, and so you possess a much deeper wisdom than you often acknowledge. That understanding is brilliantly portrayed in your poetry, and perhaps that is part of why I am such a huge fan!


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