Poetry, Reflections


A skein of yarn and a curved hook

row upon row of tangled knots

and somehow…

a blanket forms, snug and warm

to comfort one newly born…

Paths cross, people meet

in random, unscripted plots

and somehow…

a relationship forms, spicy and sweet

lives changed forever more…

Bodies touch, hearts join

in chaotic, passionate moments

and somehow…

a miracle forms, cell by cell

two parents blessed with a daughter…

Perhaps our innate desire

for seeking and creating Order

is misguided somehow…

since it seems to be the messiest entanglements

that create the most meaningful rewards…

Just a twisted thought…

***   ***   ***

Inspired by the blanket I’m crocheting for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter, and my only child, a daughter I am so very proud of, who will birth and raise her…  🙂



13 thoughts on ““Entanglements…”

    • Why thank you, dearest! Actually, Aurora (my soon to be born granddaughter) is my 2nd grandchild. I also have a grandson, age 5, who is absolutely delightful, and a credit to his parents…

      It’s funny, kind of. I always thought I was a terrible mother. Honestly. Not beating myself up, just acknowledging that my particular “flaws” made motherhood less than ideal… But my love for my daughter was overwhelming and real…

      And now that she is grown, and raising children of her own, I am constantly amazed by her. She is truly an exceptional mother! I cannot help but acknowledge and respect the unique and wise nature of her soul, because she is teaching me more about motherhood than I learned by being one! Lol…

      Grandchildren are blessings on so many levels… 🙂


      • Indeed they are. That’s a cosmic synchronicity that we both have five year old grandchildren.

        Our flaws are what make us beautiful, a tattoo artist once told me when I asked him about getting a tattoo over the very long burn scar on my left arm. It happened in the kitchen with an electric frying pan full of boiling water and oil and a loose cord when I was two years old and spinning around with my arms out.

        This made me overly protective of mine when they were younger and too permissive when they got older. Parenting is not easy, but what a blessing it is! We see ourselves and our parents go on and on.

        Julie Renee says that everybody is a healer and can be healed. She was once hit by a car and had no blood pressure or pulse afterward yet she was able to speak and her eyes were open.

        With the guided meditations she reminds us that even one vibrant cell can multiply just as we began to divide soon after conception. Her concept of returning to the stem cells is unique in all the work I have encountered thus far.

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      • I will have to check out her work! Thanks for bringing this up, as it coincides with some speculative healing methods I was trying to devise myself. Perhaps her work will save me much time, and trial and error… 🙂

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      • This was what I was thinking. I have spent a lot of time on the trial and error thing.

        Incidentally, I am reading one of SARK’s books too, on having juicy loving relationships and she sent me a video clip with fabulous writing suggestions. We have some amazing books inside us, each of us does. Her book is available for free right now, digital download style, and a personal interview with her only costs $10.

        Julie Renee has given free Q&A webcasts with Jacklyn Johnston of http://www.youawakeningnow.com more than once, my personal email is kameamoon@gmail.com. I am a bit scattered so can’t remember things as well as I love to, so much is stored in my daddy right now. I will forward you SARK’s book later on today, and other links to you and a few other of my friends here to whom this would be most helpful. May your day be blessed!


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