Poetry, Reflections


My realities are converging

in the Here and Now

challenging and fascinating,

devastating and satisfying,

overwhelming and empowering…

To think I “knew”

“before” all of “this” happened

is happening,

will happen,

startles and surprises me…

Though I don’t know why “that” would be,


or was,

as the case may be…


you blessed and cursed “thing”

messing with my mind,

my perceptions,

my being…

“Patience,” the voices counsel,

“it will be what it will be…”

“and All will be revealed…”

“in time.”

So mote it be…



19 thoughts on ““Convergence…”

  1. Good thoughts. I suppose it is a truism that all will be revealed in time… even if it isn’t since “all” is subjective and when one dies (going out of time) then whatever was revealed has to be all of it since presumably there can’t be more (in time, that is).
    By the way… and just in case… and all of that… for those who write poetry on Word Press and get annoyed that their lines are double spaced, to avoid the blank line you have to press [shift-enter] for a hard return. That gives you single line spacing. If you just press [shift] it double spaces. So what I do is string all of my lines as one long paragraph, then break the ends of each line with a [shift-enter] to get single spacing. Another Word Press quirk; something about mutation or bad evolution.

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    • Indeed, all true…

      And thanks for the tip. I don’t really care about spacing most of the time, but there have been moments…

      A bigger issue for me is trying to get a space between stanzas, to separate them. Once published, it becomes one long string of lines. Have any suggestions about that?


      • [“trying to get a space between stanzas, to separate them. Once published, it becomes one long string of lines. Have any suggestions about that?”]
        What I discovered through trial and error is to put the poem down as one long string of lines, as you say, then two things have to happen to get a proper stanza and an mty line between stanzas.
        For a normal line, no extra line between, [shift-enter]
        To get the extra line between stanzas: [enter]
        That’s it. Seems backward, but that’s how I do it. Maybe there’s a better way, one would probably have to take a WP blogging 101 course to find out and I don’t have the time for that.

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  2. The surprise is that you manifested your present just as you imagined. The glory is when you find it is sweeter. On the flip side the emotion of
    Elation you dreamt up doesn’t happen. So not all is always hunky dory in the miracles manufacturing department.

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  3. Well done! Did you participate in Harmonic Convergence back in 1987?
    I was living in Los Angeles at that time.

    Another way to get rid of the double space is to reeet the default settings. A lot of the poems and little articles I have shared this far have been stream of consciousness, for sure, and I am text typing with my Kindle Fire II.

    As my 3D self converges with my 5D there are moments (especially during the nights when I can’t sleep) when it literally feels like my skull is about to crack right open.

    So am resetting all parts of my brain including my heart back to full capacity with all the healing projects, and delving further into about three of these has been so nurturing. This is a big project! It’s good to know many.of us second wavers are making it through even if we are still upgrading and downloading as quickly as we can, but there is no rush. My yogi son once told me that there is never a need to hurry, which at the time was annoying but now makes so much sense. Carrying too heavy of a load sure can be challenging, for this gap between the world’s is ever widening but everyone knows something huge is going on.

    My first born son, Adam, found a marvelous link with hilarious titles for already written children’s books, and one of them says, “Oh Shit! The Sun Just Exploded!”
    What an honor and blessing it is to be here during our transition into the new age. Whoa. I have to be reminded to calm down. Have to make sure and rest enough so as to not have nights perched precariously on the top of the razor. Leaping off into.the soft green grass and letting my back relax up against a tree is so very healing.

    We made it.through Gaia’s third portal and we are still alive. This says a lot. Patricia Cota-Robles says that every single human being on Her has downloaded enormous amounts of energy into the very core of our I Am presence.

    I Am one with the I Am presence of all of humanity. I Am blaze, blaze, blazing the Violet Flame through every incarnation and dimension in every aspect of time and space (illusion). Packing up any old baggage and inserting it into a legal document looking inner tool and sending it through the heart’s grounding chord into Gaia is one of the tools Julie Renee has given. Inner showers too. She is so great. I love both the tone and the speed of her voice. Those who are speaking more quickly I also enjoy, but since I tend to jump too high and am working on letting go of that Icarus syndrome, slower paces are double soothing right now. Repairing my central nervous system is no overnight job. You are wonderful and amazing! Thank you for sharing and make sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done at the end of every day.

    Anything can happen now. We can create something from nothing even, like the imaginal cells of the hungry caterpillar.

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    • I totally missed this comment, Kamea. So sorry, dearest. I’m all over the place these days… lol!

      I was not a part of any ceremonies marking the Harmonic Convergence in ’87, but I was well aware it was happening. Here in the Great Lakes region it was a huge energetic experience, and it was when I made decisions locking myself in here…

      These are definitely exciting times to be living in, and you are a brilliant Light on the horizon; I can see you shining from here… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keep up the amazing work, as you inspire me to keep trudging along…


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