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This piece came to me this morning.  It is unedited and unfinished, and though it is not normally my “style” to offer such an unfinished work, I feel compelled to post it nonetheless.  It has to do with this day, and this date, and their relevancy to the “message.”  Perhaps I will feel motivated to finish it at some future time…


The die is cast…

decisions made…

Then why am I not afraid?

The path ahead is still obscure

a mystery as yet unveiled…

But my steps are light and confident,

my manner self-assured…

All around me chaos reigns

the storm of Life still raging…

But I am centered, safe and grounded,

as all else fades away…

To be Healer

or to be healed?

That is the question today…

And sitting here


Peace and Patience my companions,

as new direction I await…

No new Answers reveal themselves,

though Clarity and Certainty come:

My self-work here is finished,

so my soul-work has begun!

“Fear not,” the voices whisper

as ghostly arms reach for me…

I sense the presence of something beautiful…

I actually feel loved!

Today is not the End

of all that ever was;

rather it’s the Beginning

of what has yet to come.

Here in the Center, I find perfect Peace.

All restlessness aside…

Knowing I am better off,

in Truth “I” shall abide.



9 thoughts on ““Transcendance…”

    • I appreciate the support, dear Roger, but this piece is so unfinished I cringe every time I read it. Lol! It’s like draft notes, nothing more, yet I still felt compelled to post it. Go figure!

      The cadence is choppy and uneven, so when I see those dancers you mention, I see them tripping over their own feet… The word choice is boring and trite; mere placeholders waiting for inspiration to strike. And there are volumes of space between the lines, begging to be filled with something substantial; for the flow between concepts is more spaced out stepping stones than easy walk in the park…

      Still, maybe that is, itself, part of the message, and true to my way of learning; disparate thoughts coming together from vastly different places to be fused into something cohesive and true…

      But now this comment is beginning to resemble a post in itself! Lol!

      I adore you, Roger! Thanks, as usual…

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I love this Lisa! It feels complete to me. I felt the hope and confidence very strongly. Very beautifully put. But.. I know what you mean as the writer. My stack of writing is forever in progress, and it gets edited and re-edited and never finished. I almost think the sides of our brains rarely speak the same language and we need to stop humoring our inner editor!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think perhaps you are right. Editing and re-editing to the point of “giving up” means no one gets to share in the thoughts, hopes and dreams such writing expresses. But rushing to publish often means the message itself is incomplete.

      It’s all about balance, I guess, which is something I struggle with daily… lol!


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