Death of a Dragon…

I saw a dead dragon in my “dreams” today…  I cried…  a lot…

Anger… rage… against the injustice!

Sadness for the loss of a friend…

“Carry on,” they say…  “One foot in front of the Other…”

“It will be worth it in the end…”

But will it?…  Really?…

So many beautiful souls “lost” along the way…

What about them?!

What about them?…


18 thoughts on “Death of a Dragon…

  1. Daniel Peterson says:

    I am fascinated by Death, Nihilism, and Extinction.
    I try to drown myself, but why try?
    Life is Drowning enough as it is.
    I learned to bite every hand that used to pet me.
    I love your poem, A Dragon Has Died
    Because I love Dragons.
    The sheer awesomeness of their power is inspiring.
    I don’t know what I would do without them.
    I wish they would quite dying.

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  2. As I see it, the trap many fall into is not the “losing” but of being abandoned, left behind. This caused by attachments to ephemeral conditions caused by physical life in this particular universe – the endless passages which illusion decries as death. The concept of death was invented as a form of control. If people realized that death is a form of rebirth, not an end, and if they knew they could actually plan for their post-death future, have control over it, decide how they want it to unfold, I don’t think death would be much of an issue at all. But that would throw a huge monkey wrench into the many gears of the System: the medical/drug cartels; the religions; the “alternative health” industry; psychiatry; even the military. All these totally rely on man’s fear of death and the grasping at straws to avoid it, or at the very least, delay it. Many decades ago I went through some sort of weird (miraculous?) healing process, encountering some entities eager to teach me the “higher” truths about life and to set my life on a new and much more efficient foundation. One of the lessons was solid proof for myself, that my life was a passage, and that I’d had many such before, and would have in the future – which I saw also. Given the conditions of life for most on this world and my awareness of it, I chose 50 as my going-away present! I thought, enough is enough. That was 20 years ago and I’m still here, in “sudden death overtime” mode. Still going strong, still as healthy as ever. Apparently there’s life, and then there’s life! I think the key is to have a purpose, and then to live it “come hell or high water” to the end. I chose compassion as my modus operandi and… that made all the difference.
    I don’t know much about dragons – I probably didn’t interact with them in previous/future lives. I remember a movie with Sean Connery about a dragon named Draco (if I remember correctly) and some interesting stories about dragons. I remember Draco having to be killed for a mistake he made, but then being elevated to a star in the heavens. That comedy-drama spoke well of dragons. Consciousness doesn’t die and the more self-empowered, motivated and conscious we are, the more we hold ourselves together as an entity past the passage of the Grim Reaper.

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    • Great reply, the Dragon theme is frequent for me. And compassion come help or high water, that’s definitely my attitude.

      My mom used to weep so for those who would not make it through and so did I but now it’s shown so clearly that death is indeed just a birth into the next level, nothing to fear at all really.

      Golden times are here despite the fact that many small journeys are still in store for us.

      So awesome that you had a miraculous healing. Going through that on the deep down and lasting cellular level, just relaxing into who I truly am.


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    • Wow, Sha’Tara, this is fascinating! And so very wise, as usual. No wonder you have that wonderful balance between compassion and detachment; you have experienced first-hand what the rest of us can only speculate about…

      Thank you so much for sharing this story! And the wisdom gained from it. It gives me hope once more…

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