Just curious…

Yesterday during my meditation, as my guides were discussing the merits of the three paths before me, they offered some interesting perspective…

The path to my left they described as the “same-o, same-o” path, and were clear that to choose that path would be recycling the past.  Nothing changes if nothing changes…

The middle path, the one they so abruptly pulled me from, seemed to be leading somewhere I eventually wanted to go.  I felt like I had been on that path off and on for centuries, and now the goal was close.  Hard work and hard times were ahead, but I might be able to claim success if I continued on…

I have rarely questioned the motives or intentions of these particular guides because in the past, when I did so quite frequently, I learned, repeatedly, that where they led me was always “better” in the end.  But yesterday I was suspicious once again, if only because I sensed an end ahead to this endless journey I’ve been on.

The path on the right was completely unknown to me. (This was before I found that story again.)  So I couldn’t help but wonder if they were misleading me.  I questioned them, choosing not to commit, at first, to either the right or center path. (Not choosing the past was a no-brainer in my heart and mind.  Lol!)  While not trying to “convince” me, for that is not their role, they nonetheless responded, clearly confused themselves by my reluctance.

They told me the following: the difference is subtle, but significant.  It’s kind of like the difference between “using the resources of others,” and “using others as resources.”  Same words, slightly different order, significantly different meanings…  Got it?

Well no, not really, not yet anyway.  I’ve had 24 hours to consider and contemplate.  I’ve sought insights from others, and gained new perspective by doing so.  I think I have a better understanding of the concept they were trying to illustrate.  But I cannot escape the feeling that I’m missing a big piece of the puzzle, because the “lesson” of thier message does not add up to the profound confusion they expressed in trying to explain it to me…

So…  Having said all that, I’m throwing it out to all of you.  I would welcome any insights or impressions that might deepen my understanding of this “message.”

Please and thanks!  🙂


18 thoughts on “Just curious…

  1. Left is a reason to cycle but its expected, center one would merit work but right is the path of the unknown. If it were me, id say the unknown, so at least i tried the path of the unexpected

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  2. I agree with the above recommendations, sweet Lisa.

    You are still here for a reason. Perhaps your bold courageous move of sharing your story can help free many from their castles made of steel.

    Unfortunately, one of my daughters has been in such questions castle. But she cried out for help and is temporarily in a concrete castle, until next Month.

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  3. sometimes going down a new path is a way of letting go of a goal no matter how long sought. there is a notion that in the complexities of challenges we face, each solution creates a myriad of new problems. Yet letting go may be achieving the goal in a way that is “unconventional” — by not directly tackling it. or something like that.

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