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“Crossroads: Continuity…”

I turn my back upon the choices that lie before me, and face the voice approaching…  Dark hair, deep green eyes, a familiar stranger stands there, smiling.

“May I join you?,” he asks politely.

“Most certainly!,” I respond, automatically.  “After all, that’s why you’ve come, isn’t it?”

A simple lift on one side of a sensitive, sincere set of lips expands his smile just a bit as he sits down across from me…

“Is that why I’m here?,” he asks, pointedly.

“Why don’t you tell me?,” I suggest.  “Perhaps, for once, you could make this easy…?”

He laughs.  It is genuine humor I sense rather than mockery.  “But what would be the fun in that?”  Tilting his head slightly, he adds, “I suspect you’d be disappointed if there was nothing here to ‘figure out.’  You would miss that rush you get with every epiphany.”

“True ’nuff,” I concur honestly.  “But seriously, why have you come?”

“You tell me,” he suggests, sincerely.  “After all, you both created and called for me…  How can I help you today?”

Lying back upon my bed of green, I stare up at the bluest sky that I have ever seen.  I hear soft rustling as he moves over to lie beside me.  Silence settles comfortably between and around us, as the clear blue skies envelop us…

“I do not wish to keep recycling on this path of Life and Death,” I begin, somewhat hesitantly.  “And yet, here I am, by my own choice, sitting at the Crossroads again…  I felt more comfortable this time in the Heart of All-That-Is…”

A soft chuckle interrupts me, but I cannot tell if it came from him or me…

“Well, at least I was not terrified this time,” I correct myself, somewhat petulantly…

“I was not bored, nor did I feel lonely; both significant improvements over my last experience there…  But still, I felt something, briefly.”

“Care to name it?,” he asks.  “You work well with words, always, however limited they are.”

Turning my head quickly, I catch but a passing glimpse of something sparkling in his gaze, before the mask of sincerity settles over him once more.

Thinking, I sort through many possibilities, rejecting each as not quite capturing the essence of what I felt…  Finally, I shrug, feeling the warm earth beneath my shoulders.  “Restless might describe it best, but that doesn’t really define anything, does it?”

He says nothing, simply listening, since listening has always been what he does best…

“It’s not like I wanted to change anything, because everything is what it is, and it IS…  And I didn’t have any desire to change me, because I genuinely like who I am, both large and small selves both…”

I smile at that thought expressed, and sense him smiling next to me…

“There was nothing I wanted or needed, even to learn, as Everything and Nothing co-exist, and all ‘I’ am seemed irrelevant…”

Silence settles once more over the Crossroads, and the two of us lying there…

“But…?,” he prompts gently.

Sitting up suddenly, I look around, seeking something specific.

“Where are the birds,” I ask concerned, as the Silence tilts toward eerie.  “And the insects?,” I continue.  “Where is the Sound that should surround us in this quiet, peaceful place?”  Anxiety has somewhat sharpened my tone.

“Are you asking me or telling me?,” he thinks to question, knowing even better than I sometimes how my mind works…

“It just seems odd,” I reply uncertainly, shifting once more to lie down upon that soft bed of green…

And far from where we lie the chatter starts, a single chirp swelling and expanding to fill this quiet place with a cacophony of caws and tweets and buzz and drone, with songs of sweetness intertwined…

“Ok, enough!,” I cry out, irritated, for now I cannot think beyond the rhythm and rant of birds and insects.  Laughing aloud, he reaches for my hand, and silence settles once more over this gentle land…

Tears slip down my cheeks as I feel the warmth of his hand slowly filling me.  No words are necessary, or even possible, as this moment settles in…

“Why is it we can only meet like this?,” I ask eventually.  “Why can we not experience such intimacy in the worlds of flesh beyond?”

“Now that is a question worth contemplating,” he quietly responds.

After a moment, or more perhaps, he thinks to add, “who says we can’t?…  exactly.”

I open my mouth to answer him, only to discover that no such answer exists within me…

“Um…  I don’t actually know…?,” I finally manage.  “It just seems to be the way it is, and always has been so…”

“But why?”  Simple and direct has always been his style.

“I guess I’ve always been taught that you are a distraction for me,” I start to explain.  “That were we to incarnate together, I would be so obsessed by you that I would be unable to accomplish any other task…”

“Ok, fair enough,” he responds, always balanced but adaptable.  “So what is it you have yet to accomplish out there?”

I cannot help but laugh aloud as his gentle words enlighten me… “Fair point,” I concede, “as we were just discussing.”

Rolling over to face him, I seek out his eyes of green…

“Could it be so simple?,” I whisper, almost afraid to let my hope rise, or my feelings shine.

Facing me, he places a hand upon my shoulder, the warmth of his gaze driving the chill from my bones…

“Why not?,” he asks.  “If All-That-Is exists, as we both know it does, then somewhere, some time, such a reality already is.  Why are we here, if there is where we want to be?”

He waits a moment, allowing this possibility to shine as opportunity, slowly settling into the truth that it already is…

“There are many variations of the term ‘Love,’ as you well know, having explored so very many of them,” he continues purposefully.  “Yet you have always managed to avoid me and the version known as ‘intimacy.’  Is there a reason for such reluctance, or is it simply fear?  And if afraid, please tell me just what that fear entails…?”

Moments pass as I consider his questions.  He waits, ever patient with the thinking side of me…

“I have no answers for you,” I tell him honestly.  “Perhaps we should find out…?”

And squeezing his hand, I extricate myself from his loose embrace, and stand.  I turn once more to face the Crossroads, focused on my goal.  Taking a deep breath and lifting my chin, I feel strength flooding into me.  Light-hearted and hopeful, I reach for him…

“I’m ready!,” I state, as certainty settles upon me.  Turning slightly to face him with a wink and a smile…  “Any chance you’d care to join me this time?”

Smiling, he rises, stepping forward to join me.  Taking my hand in his, he speaks:  “Here’s to Continuity…”

And stepping forward, hand-in-hand, we cross the threshold together…


15 thoughts on ““Crossroads: Continuity…”

  1. Here’s a likely “unwelcome” observation: There is no “together” when crossing that threshold. If you make it “together” it isn’t what you’re looking for, not yet. You’ll be back again. The “final crossroad” is crossed alone, always alone.

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  2. Interesting, set all sorts of snatches of songs going through my head (most of them from The Moody Blues), and finally settled upon the title song from The Byrds 1966 album Fifth Dimension; can’t say why…just did.
    Who knows what ripples will be started amongst the reader when we write?

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  3. Old ancient relic traditions dictate that man must carry that threshold with his counterpart like a old baggage. You are right milady, this time around let the partners in crime do hold each other in threshold. Because life is much more better lived with our spouses and it has more meaning that way.

    Liked by 2 people

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