Poetry, Reflections


Caught in a tailspin

out of control

unsure of direction

where’s forward, backward, up or down?


Spinning and twisting in a vortex of thought

apathy twining in

emotionally lost

while not actually thinking anything important at all…


How can so much power

feeding on itself

lead nowhere

without losing any momentum?


But like a generator charging,

the whirling Dervish within

seems to fuel my movement

pushing on, if not ahead…


Leading somewhere, I suppose

though I know not when nor where

sitting in the shadow of the sun

not engaged, but at least aware…


Until I realize…

that motion is illusion

and all around me, pointless action

while I just sit and stare…


6 thoughts on ““Tailspin…”

  1. Ah, hmmmm… tailspins are to be avoided, especially if you’re flying a small plane not rated for aerobatics… 🙂 Obviously you’re a good pilot: you got out safely and now you sit there and stare… at the burning wreckage? Just kidding… I know, it’s a psychological thing.

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