Life in the “Fast” Lane…

To those of you who have visited, read, and commented on previous posts, I owe you an apology for not responding in a timely fashion.  Please know I read them, and I value your input, always; I value each and every one of you!

But like many lately, I have been mostly MIA around here.  I bop in, read what I can, then bounce back out.  And while I am grateful for all I have read, I have nonetheless neglected my own blog in favor of reading others.  It happens sometimes…

But it is important for me to acknowledge all of you who have taken the time to support me here; I am very grateful.  So, while my responses may be delayed significantly, it is still my intention to respond to each of you.  Before posting anything new…  🙂

Until then, I wish you all the brightest blessings in this time of rapid change and evolution…



14 thoughts on “Life in the “Fast” Lane…

    • I’m trying, but “easy” isn’t really the word for it, I think. Lol! I feel like I’m in a race and my prospects for finishing are not looking good…

      That being said, I am grateful to have friends like you here. Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Hey! Not to worry Lisa.
    ‘Foistly’ – We can’t be everywhere at once (I tried it; bits of the brain fall out of the ears)
    ‘Secoindly’- Since we broadly agree Time is not as we are conditioned to think it is- there’s no actual delay or MIA.
    ‘Thoidly’ – Always remember Quality over Quantity (unless you work in the UK Civil Service, then it’s ‘shift it-shift it-shift it!!’- try and type that quickly without missing the ‘f’)

    Take care of yourself, it’s you we value.
    Best wishes.
    Roger (one post per week-sorta)

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  2. Hi Lisa, I had meant to stop by your place the last couple days and also got distracted, it has been so crazy lately!

    Just one thing after another in rapid succession. Five planets in retrograde now!

    Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.


    I love you, lady. Keep on keeping on. You’re wonderful! So glad you’re here.

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    • It is wonderful to see you here, dear Kamea!! I know what you mean about things being crazy. I consider one of my talents to be the use and manipulation of Time, but even I can’t keep up with all the changes happening… lol!

      Love you, too! Keep your Light shining please, dear Lady, as you have guided me out of darkness more than once…

      Huge hugs to you!

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      • Awww, huge hugs back!

        It’s so interesting that all these problems and obstacles truly are our greatest teachers, guides and allies.

        Just as those who irritate us the most reflect the parts of ourselves which we need to work on. Our blindspots.

        One of the things which keeps me moving forward even when I sometimes just want to give up is focusing on what I can do, not what I am currently unable to. Because little by little I am able to do more.

        Overestimating this capacity has always been a downfall, and exactly where coyote gets me by the nose. Lol.

        May your Friday be blessed, my friend.

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  3. To be a bunny, one must be a white hared and never look back. Keep thumpin, but when “Alice” asks why. We always say ” im late as it is”. For me i am and will always be that Ninja Turtle. Slow on the uptake but when i strike its a wallop. My dear lady Palmer, dont make excuses coz of random things, Be You. Its ok to be what is. It will always be there, the human factor of life.

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