Poetry, Reflections



Photos taken by me 4-28-16

My “eyes” are the first to awaken

from this seemingly endless Cosmic Night

lured forth by neither Darkness, nor blinding Light

but by Ignorance and Desire

seeking that which “feels” Right…


My “heart” is quick to follow

drawn out by Pleasure and by Pain

it matters not what might be Real or Imagined

in this place they are the same

or so “I” have come to Know…


And so my “mind” arrives on scene

the Questions and Answers overwhelm

Conscious thought driven impulse

Sub-Conscious claimed and owned

Supra-Conscious ruling and guiding both…


And on this journey of “en-Life-enment”

my Body may or may not come

for All around me is awakening

Be-coming Beautiful,

and in that Awareness we are One…


5 thoughts on ““Awakenings…”

  1. I read this four times. And each time I picked up a different meaning, I teeter that line between what the writer(you!) conveyed and what the reader (me!) interpreted. Each paragraph took me to a different place, but then you brought it all together in the last line. Beautiful and resonant, Lisa ❤

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