Poetry, Reflections

“Beltane Baby…”


Aurora, born 5-1-16 at 10:51pm EDT

Beltane baby, beloved of the Gods,

chosen of the Fey…

blessed by the Mother…

the most auspicious of days

to enter this world

a shining example of Life and Light

and the Love that marks this date…


Announced by the Morrigan Herself

at the turning of the Wheel last fall

carried through the dark days of winter

and through the tremulous start of spring

bursting forth with the May Day fires

the promise of abundant hopes and dreams

shining in her eyes…


Welcome, dear Aurora!!

Brilliant spirit of the stars…

Sacred baby of the Earth…

Granddaughter of my heart…

Child of my dreams…

So thrilled that we have finally met!

Know that you are loved already


And always, always will be…


Traditionally, in Celtic lore (my racial heritage), children born on or of Beltane were considered sacred children belonging to the clan as a whole.  The entire community participated in their upbringing, as they were considered blessings and promises that the Goddess had acknowledged a clan, and so would shower them with abundance, peace, and protection.

And so my granddaughter takes her proper place in my clan’s history (or perhaps herstory would be more appropriate)…



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