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What is hope…?

Is hope just the optimists’ way of denying reality, by focusing always on what is possible, rather than what is?

Or is hope, perhaps, a way to cope, productively moving us forward when obstacles demand that we stop moving altogether?

Could hope be a vehicle by which miracles manifest, by enabling us to visualize an outcome other than the “inevitable”?

Or is hope merely a symptom of delusion?

I am personally full of hope…

I can “see” how things can be, and so I hold out for the possibility that “things” will be all right.  Or even more hopeful perhaps, that things will be what they are meant to be…  But what does that really mean?  As in “reality”?

If we are Creators in our own right, or even co-Creators with some guiding or Divine force, then surely we are the ones “determining” Fate.  So why, then, are we surprised when things turn out the way they do?

“Good” or “bad” are subjective, interpretive, perspective driven judgments, which only further complicate this concept of “hope”.  For surely one person’s “hope” is another one’s “curse”…


So, once again I was faced with that most important of questions, which keeps popping up all around me:

What, exactly, do you want?  Today?

And once again, I failed miserably in my attempt to answer.  Given the entire Universe to explore, and the power to create whatever I desire, I discovered, again, that there was “nothing” I wanted…

Beyond little things, in the moment…

Spending much time in my car these past couple days, driving everywhere, the thought might occur to me, “I wish this person in front of me would go away…”  And so they did, turning at the next available intersection.  Or, “please don’t change yet,” I’d whisper in my mind to the green light ahead, and so it would remain green, until I crossed that threshhold, changing just as I passed beneath it…

“Let this be…”, “let this change…”, “let this remain the same…”; and so it was.

And then the frustration set in.  Because I have options.  I see results.  What I seem to lack is meaningful desire…

What do I want today?  Exactly?

And not being able to answer that question causes hope to fade, for hope is nothing without desire…

So what is hope?  And can it truly exist, even in the face of apathy and/or contentment?  For surely such lack of desire on my part must be based in one or both of these concepts…

Personally, I hope it is contentment…


14 thoughts on “What is hope…?

    • Thanks, Andrew! I think you hit it on the head with the “value added” concept, and the role of tomorrow. It is definitely a time-related concept, and I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for jumping in!

      Hope all is great for you and your lovely wife…


  1. Another thoughtful and uplifting post Lisa.
    You’ve pointed out the true and real importance of Hope and conveying that it is actually ‘there’ and not just a slender ephemeral thing we use to ‘deny’ ‘reality’
    Keep up the good work

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  2. A great question. My dreams and hopes are technicolor so for you not to have them could mean contentment. But the imp in me thinks in life there needs to be an edge of discomfort. We are spirits living a human life. Does that mean you have learnt all you came to learn? Have you really scratched deep?I watch people like my parents and my grandparents before them going through routines and I wonder is this all there is? I hope not…I would rather probe deeper even if it brings up uncomfortable things. Gandhi achieved greatness after being thrown out of a first class train compartment into the dust in South Africa because he was brown. Yes he rightly thought he deserved to be there because he had paid the ticket but his older self wouldmnot have removed himself from the common people in a separate compartment in the first place. i like to think you are resting between your hopes and actualisation of them.

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    • What a wonderful thought, and I absolutely agree with you that I would rather be uncomfortable than stuck in a routine… Thank you for these words of inspiration; I truly hope you are correct… 🙂


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