Reflections, Unquotables

Unquotable Quotes… #1

So…  While having an imaginary conversation with myself this morning (because we know that all such conversations are actually real 😉 ), it occurred to me that…

Time is now my bastard and my bitch: the activities I dread but must accomplish go on interminably, while the ones I look forward to pass too quickly to acknowledge, much less enjoy…


8 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes… #1

  1. Einstein had an observation on that topic. He said time is relative. One second holding your hand on a hot burner will seem like an hour; an hour sitting on a park bench with a beautiful, charming girl, will seem like a second.

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    • Astute observation. And true…

      But this feeling of time passing, this illusion, intrigues me still, for I would much rather the reverse be true…

      But, then, I suppose most of us would. Lol!


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